• Look Scenery On Homes Balcony.

    I stand on home's balcony,
    Look out purple green far mountain, misty sea.
    In sky, the white clouds buoyantly have slid.
    Several eagles, show disdain for circles highly fly.... more »

  • 'Lost Ideal World'

    A deep valley of the picture,
    Lead me back to childhood memories,
    Memory from the 12 young playmate,
    Efforts on Yeah, over the mountains... more »

  • Love Is A Rose.

    I sense his mood
    by his breathless,
    captivating stare... more »

  • Love Partners.

    There‘re many lovable men,
    They hate themselves of no love.
    Many were bewaring of poverty.
    Many poor women got no beloved.... more »

  • Memorial For The King Mj (June/2009)

    The Space is so huge you couldn't see.
    You 're called back home by the God.
    You can fly freely to your old home,
    where you lived before birth.... more »

  • Mom! Why You Died So Early?

    You were a part of our family
    Do you know father is now loneliest?
    I could not forget you've past a few years.
    I hope see your appearing in my dream happily.... more »

  • Morning Walks In Our Retire.

    .Early morning the air is good, the sunlight really is also strong.
    The wrong road falls the mountain to go, under shadow five ten feet
    Long light step roaming, a group pine and cypress are fragrant.
    Husband and wife same step warmly compared to young.... more »

  • My Arrival.

    I am right here as you see
    we are in the same century
    i come in to read your poetry
    please you read my poems too.... more »

  • My Cup Of Yuan Yang (Coffee + Tea And Milk) .

    My cup of Yuan Yang (coffee + tea and milk) .
    by sfiawong on May 29th,2010,7: 44 am

    Oh, why I like a cup of Yuan Yang since my age of 15?... more »

  • My Dear Moon Lady

    My Dear Moon why you always come at night?
    You have been so dear with me every night.
    You come quietly to visit me up so high,
    Since my first to meet you I can see you.... more »

  • My Feeling On Avatar.

    Quite many years, I haven't watched a movie like this
    which shows me a very colorful and great story as it is
    The newest technology in taking and directing a movie
    that is not only for the merely simply a lot of movie stars... more »

  • My Friend Is Unimaginable Great.

    He is one of my Chinese friends,
    But he is a greatest one amongst all.
    His wife left three children behind and away,
    His wife left away when he was forty.... more »

  • My Garden.

    Last night a storm blew hardly,
    It made me could not fall asleep.
    There’s so worry in my heart,
    It was causing me unable to control myself.... more »

  • My Grand Fathers True Love.

    When I was still a little baby,
    Just understood little the few matters.
    Grandfather finishes work every day,
    Catches up with immediately is going home,... more »

  • My Hundredth Drop Of Blood.

    I have reached my first goal
    My arrival was poem-hunter.
    A piece by piece, dropp likes gold.
    My poems heaped up to my book.... more »

  • My Life.

    Young people's dream,
    Gradually the linegradally forget experience.
    Also remembered how many vainly hopes for?
    Meets the innumberable ways of the world pale to be cool,... more »

  • My New Bride.

    A new book bought to my hands,
    Likes a bride married a man.
    It helps to understand the poetry clans,
    It might leads me go forth to my plan.... more »

  • My Poetry Dream

    I float ~ to float,
    I floated ~ to float,
    Looked, I sail to everywhere net everywhere,
    I finally arrived here this piece stretch of land.... more »

  • My Taste Of Life

    I drink coffee seems it is my favorite wine,
    How much I can enjoy until the end of my life?

    How much I can keep for happiness as in my life?... more »

  • My Wife.

    Can you see I am raising a cup of wine?
    I invite you come with me while
    I am looking at the moon in the sky.
    There is no body to enjoy this with me.... more »

  • New Direction.

    (This poem is relating about the Chinese poetry.)

    Poems written to have strength of character,
    There's lack of new words to write poetry Blair.... more »

  • No Name Guy.

    Hi, No-named Guy, how came you so shy?
    I haven't thought you're a criminal guy.
    Why you seem always like to hide?
    Left a few words and gone as a criminal.... more »

  • North Star. (Conclusion After Meeting.)

    Captain eyes first look rudder
    To the far North Star
    Target too far
    The goal is full of clouds and fogs.... more »

  • People After '80.

    You have gotten not too much happiness.
    After the world of '80, you are so lonely.
    The society hasn't given you too much.
    You 're being forgotten for other busy.... more »

  • Poem Soul.

    Ah! Curious! Curious!
    The vernacular poetry in histry becomes a century.

    How came? Why?... more »