• Poet Li Bai's Spirit.

    Tsu-mo was an embodiment of Poet Li-bai.
    He helped all poets to release their necks' rings.
    He solved the poetry in the lifting yoke of key.
    The new poetry likes the heaven singing.... more »

  • Poetry - How To Write?

    Studies the poets to write the ancient poetry,
    Level and oblique tones not to spectrum,
    The person namely said orphaned is even,
    Again reads also says the non- poem taste,... more »

  • Poetry Dream.

    I drift Yeah ~ ~ ~ ~ drift,
    Network at home and abroad to find changed,
    Finally came to this piece of land,
    This is the poetry of the static earth?... more »

  • Red-Crested Crane

    Hello brother Red-crested. Ah! Fairy crane
    Why you are so good luck freed no more pain?
    In the passed few years you’re mistakenly killed.
    You’re mistakenly poisoned together with the other birds.... more »

  • Return To The World Cup Again.

    Good fellows, welcome you come back to this green green grassas,

    More than 200 teams have returned to the World cup affairs.... more »

  • Select A President.

    I won’t refuse a man or a woman, white or black.
    The most important aim is looking for a good one.
    I will push away the evil and ghost by my wisdom.
    A famous saying by Great man Siuping Tang, of China, I remember.... more »

  • Silent Summer Night

    Moonlight illumination spreads over on sea;
    We hand in hand step across a sandy beach;
    get on to together to a skiff;
    you are sculling when I dig up the oar.... more »

  • Song Of Sleepy.

    Miss! Miss! Excuse me!

    I’m very sleepy, can’t sit upright... more »

  • Song Of The Migration

    There are a couple swallows under the eave,
    I do not know which is male or female.
    They have new next life four children.
    They daily kick up a racket squeaks.... more »

  • Sonnet - Ideas

    Suddenly seem flash in my mind.
    They light up like stars in my eyes.
    They liked candle lights that shined.
    What're they which I want to find?... more »

  • Sonnet -Three Chinese Men To Space.

    Sonnet -Three Chinese Men to Space.

    I was exciting to see the Chinese rocket.
    It carried three persons into the space.... more »

  • Spring Sleep.

    Last night wind blew up rainy while
    I was going to my sweet dream.... more »

  • Starry Night

    Trinkle, trinkle little stars
    How many there are in the sky!
    Let the children try to count!
    I remember this starry night.... more »

  • Stay In Home Lonely While In Hong Kong.

    I can only play chess in home alone,... more »

  • Sun Rises Friendly High.

    Red sun rises up again into sky;
    It appears just after a long dark night;
    In the passed fifty years it hide behind;
    It was a sleeping lion living hidden in our mind.... more »

  • Sun's Glory.

    Shone the earth,
    The myriad things all comfort.
    The sunrise early morning comes,
    We see sunset late return.... more »

  • Survial.

    Water comes from the river origin is clean,
    I wash my head.

    Water comes from the river branch is dirty,... more »

  • Temperary Loneliness

    Both my wife and me stayed so happy,
    Have enjoyed every morning breakfast.
    Ate bread and drank Yu-young together.
    My wife suddenly need to return earlier.... more »

  • The Cancer.

    You are part on our body.
    The cells are harmful colonist.
    We want to live for longer.
    The answer is always not okay.... more »

  • The China Quake Ghosts

    Mama, mama, papa. Where are you?
    We are those of the poor little victims.
    Who were killed in as meat and bone?
    Felt agonizing lain in our hearts.... more »

  • The Chinese And Foreign Poet's Woe

    The Chinese and Foreign poet's woe

    Immortal poet ah, Li Bai's immortal poet!
    You are comfortable and happy to do fairy.... more »

  • The Fortune Of The Chinese Lands.

    Whether the mainland or Taiwan
    Our compatriots in China
    A piece of land in different
    God likes to joke... more »

  • The Lost Nature.

    (The Lost Nature)

    As seeing a picture of deep valley bring me back…
    To remember my dozen friends of teen age.... more »

  • The Most Beautiful Mountain In The World.

    I saw the cloud comes down,

    The mountain is very beautifully covered.... more »

  • The New Way Of Life.

    A new era of generally is busy.
    Young people in new ways
    Young son come back 12 days
    Put on combat gear and act lousy.... more »