i was born in a 'seemed to be' happy family in jakarta,21st march 1990, yea, after 4 years of constant fight and fuss, my mum and dad got divorced and it quite got me into some kind of emotional confusion for a while.. but in time i got better on facing the truth.

then, i got into school, penabur k6 (my lovely elementary school) , i was quite a first ranked boy for the 1st and 2nd grade, but due to the teacher's attitude i began to hate math and didn't care too much about academic scores, because i believe that academical scores isn't anything you will use in life.. it is our social skills and our demeanor which matters the most.

i'm currently attending University of Indonesia's School of Law.
-Lone Poet-


Aldamayo Panjaitan Poems

#6 (Fate Intertwined)

Array of light disarrayed
and life bubbles out,... more »

#4 (War)

The big boys shouted, 'Man your arms! ! '
for their silly little game, ,
and the children ran to the battlefield,
to satisfy their hunger..... more »

#2 (Conscience)

I've been there
and i've been mistreated..
the lies that lies
over the hedgerow of our mind... more »

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