• Aevum

    Ok, here I am.
    Years since it happened.
    Living the life I did not know back then.
    Here in the city of emeralds, I now rest.... more »

  • Cibum

    crunch crunch Yes crunch
    crunch This crunch crunch
    Is crunch crunch crunch
    crunch How crunch... more »

  • Corpus Corporis

    Crick This is how
    Crack My body works
    goes my back
    Twist When I try... more »

  • Currere

    Running, running, running after why little stupid dog,
    why does she have to be such a hog?
    Taking that poor gosling out of her home,
    Bringing her out there, all alone.... more »

  • Domum Igni

    Tiny things,
    Family portraits,
    Singing fish.... more »

  • Egoisticus

    Sitting, starIng, looking at what I have done,
    This is what I deserve for doing what I hAve done.
    He was only a witness, nothing More, to what you made me do.
    It iS your fault, not mine, for what I did.... more »

  • Insanirent

    The soft color of her eyes,
    that sweet smile.
    The way she sways,
    when she thinks no one is looking.... more »

  • Irretitus

    It's cold,
    I don't know how long I've been here,
    days, weeks, years?... more »

  • Ludus

    If you think about it,
    You know where this is going.
    Monotonous, repetitive, exhausting,... more »

  • Metus

    creepy crawlies,
    slithering snakes,
    sprawling spiders,
    menacing monsters,... more »

  • Somnium

    To dream is not to think,
    but thinking can also be to dream.
    Wishing, wanting, waiting for it to be true
    This is how one must live in this sphere of blue:... more »