Just want to put a few of my poems out there and see what people make of them. Would really appreciate any commentary.


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Changes whisper
These are small creatures
Metabolic currents under the skin of stretched days
Like season's shifting, same strength.... more »


Night black street right after rain
Weighted in dark wetness
Sepulchural veinious branches draped with night
Subtle rhythm of softly glowing street lights repeat the moon... more »


Charcoal nebuli.
Corpuscles suspended instant
Evanescent strings like chords, like rain.
Like rain thinks mud..... more »

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Lare Austin 04 Feb 2005 05:34
Hi Alex...I just read your newly posted poems. You've got some very good stuff here. I expecially like your poem 'Wonder'...you paint very good imagery and transitions with this...please keep up the writing, Alex...you have a very good talent here...would like to see much more...along with a lot of other people that would enjoy reading your poetry as well... Lare Austin