• Body

    Charcoal nebuli.
    Corpuscles suspended instant
    Evanescent strings like chords, like rain.
    Like rain thinks mud..... more »

  • Changes

    Changes whisper
    These are small creatures
    Metabolic currents under the skin of stretched days
    Like season's shifting, same strength.... more »

  • Hunt

    Reconnect, reconstitute…and it begins to beat
    Animal animating
    Creeping charisma quietly infecting with indelible beat, beat…. be..beat
    Amoeba anticipating complexity in ever widening dances... more »

  • Skin

    I want kiss sweet smoky scent on redwine lips
    I want touch electric skin
    I want feel and felt
    I want warm and close... more »

  • Tantrum

    Bawl throw fits
    Smear shit against the walls
    Wail and break and
    Weep torrentially... more »

  • Tsunami

    Bloated bodies debris
    Weeping Asian eyes
    Vast, obscene sweep; caught in the mess of it.
    Panic and hurt of it in the putrifying water... more »

  • Void

    Boundless black folds are petals
    The sense in space of blossoming
    May yield, may feel ductile tentacles
    Grab and draw to mouth... more »

  • Wonder

    Night black street right after rain
    Weighted in dark wetness
    Sepulchural veinious branches draped with night
    Subtle rhythm of softly glowing street lights repeat the moon... more »