• A Sip Or Two?

    I kissed my wine
    the cool liquid on my lips
    such a contrast to hers
    yet the taste... more »

  • A Touch

    Does she feel
    what my hands hear
    as I gently lift
    the hair... more »

  • Ache

    Like signing a blank page
    I entered the sensible emptiness
    willingly stepped on fresh snow
    I work my way piecemeal... more »

  • Actions...

    The syllables of love evaporate
    like morning fog
    ahead of the coming day
    sunlight shines harsh and bright... more »

  • After Changes

    From 24 to 42
    some things have changed
    some not.... more »

  • Again

    Love gnaws on my skin again
    Someone has left open
    the door to heaven
    again... more »

  • Amazing Vero

    Isn't it wonderful
    that when it's time to go
    you don't
    and when it's time to come... more »

  • Another Page

    A papercut from a page
    that should not have
    had an edge so sharp
    caught my attention... more »

  • Au Revoir Chandra

    Namaste delight
    delight that had
    moved my heart
    I've finally left.... more »

  • By Myself

    By myself once more
    Loneliness like dirty dishwater
    swirling down a pipe
    drains me... more »

  • Color Me

    Evading the clammy hands of lust
    I pour passion into the spaces

    Fractured thoughts of love... more »

  • Dying By The Minute

    I run with abandon
    to reach the horizon
    before the orange sun sets.
    The oddity that is me... more »

  • First Born

    Funny I don't remember
    the first birth
    I remember my mother
    being your mother... more »

  • First Time In A Long Time

    Today I danced while cooking
    kind of slow, hesitant at first
    like the kids smiles
    watching mom-dad... more »

  • I Crave Your Mouth

    I crave your mouth
    in a way that makes me think
    I want to make up
    for the chastity of my youth... more »

  • I Dream Anyway

    Memories of the future
    gather over my mind
    like dark storm clouds
    each charged potential... more »

  • I Live

    I see
    I pay attention
    I hear
    I pay attention... more »

  • I Shook Myself

    I wanted so to love you
    match the heart
    to the body
    I shook myself... more »

  • I Stand Naked

    Namaste delightful girl
    I stood with no clothes
    before you
    but you couldn't see... more »

  • I Want To See You Again

    My every thought ends
    in an exclamation mark today
    and each one like a papercut
    shreads me.... more »

  • In Color

    Life talks in color to me.
    In phrases abundant
    with hues and tones alive,
    vibrant with creation's energy... more »

  • Indian Summer

    Indian summer
    Sweltering heat
    Our bodies
    slick... more »

  • Innocence

    I got stained to a halt
    The color of her innocence
    washing over me in waves
    the beautiful lies... more »

  • Innocent

    I got stained to a halt last night
    The color of her innocence
    washing over me in waves
    the beautiful lies... more »

  • Intensely

    I already know
    how it feels
    to love with a poet's passion
    Yet I've never been the object... more »