• I'Ve Broken A Feather

    I've broken a feather
    can't fly anymore
    the winds that once carried me
    won't work their magic... more »

  • Just One Night?

    You said you liked me
    that I was great
    a lot in common you said
    wanted to hold my hand... more »

  • Killer's Lovers

    Stupid white man of 55
    frantically gathering magazines
    of guns
    to peruse over... more »

  • Last Words

    So frail yet so brave
    holding on to hope
    yet knowing
    you were on your way.... more »

  • Lava

    Like lava rolling over a fertile field
    I see the insidious poisons
    ravage your body.
    Your mind follows... more »

  • Lies

    Like a solitary raindrop
    on a cloudy day
    the lie fell
    and sat there between us... more »

  • Liquid Courage

    In a translucent moment
    I saw beyond your reasoning... more »

  • Liquid Courage (2)

    liquid courage you said
    with a condescending smile
    not understanding
    it wasn't courage... more »

  • Looking

    Creamy as fog
    rolling down a mountain
    fear, the permanent resident
    of the attic of my mind,... more »

  • Maybe.. After All

    A sad relief sweeps over me
    now that parting is decided
    All talked out our minds
    drift in to their individual boxes... more »

  • Momdad

    The ocean has claimed her ashes,
    The skies the well wishers.
    The quartet plays on
    alone.... more »

  • My Eyes Hear You

    They hear the lust of skin
    the contentment of heart
    As you made love
    into last night... more »

  • My Things

    Impatient to leave
    my doubt stands still
    Like a grave it sits.
    My thoughts have too many wings... more »

  • No Blood

    As I suffer the beauty
    of another sunrise
    taste returns to my tongue
    barricaded behind tongue and spit... more »

  • No Lies

    It isn't any lies you've told
    I know of none, my love

    nor have I seen lust... more »

  • Not Tonight

    Nights like these
    I don't want to go to sleep
    I feel alive
    so connected... more »

  • Packages

    I wrapped my skin
    around my heart
    lest the blood ooze out
    and dirty the ground... more »

  • Packaging

    Like a Wal-Mart toy
    sealed in plastic
    by a sadistic packaging freak
    my soul is encased... more »

  • Perfect Relationship

    We were creations
    of different gods
    she was scared
    of getting hurt... more »

  • Reality

    I cast a stone at the sky
    hoping for some kind of sound
    A phantom feeling answered me
    rain on rainy ground... more »

  • Sadness

    Profound sadness
    like a grey boulder
    sits next to my heart
    unbearably heavy in my chest... more »

  • Sensuous Day

    Sensuous day today.
    The morning coffee
    caressed my tongue
    the car glided down I-95... more »

  • Simple Gestures

    My heart masquerading as a stone
    draped with a grey cheesecloth
    unserviceable hands,
    marble heavy... more »

  • Streets Of My Face

    Racing from the tunnel
    to the surface streets of my face
    the tightness in my chest
    signals the dangers of faith... more »

  • Surely

    Will I again unwrap
    a present of the heart?
    I, so past
    the halfway mark... more »