• Decete

    You told me you would be there
    You told me you cared
    I understood
    I listened... more »

  • Life

    My life is an open vessel waiting to be filled
    My mind is an open space waiting for a thought
    My heart is an open casket waiting for a love
    If i have no thoughts and no one to be loved... more »

  • Suicide

    The Forgoten
    The Forsaken
    The loved The lost
    Nothing lives forever... more »

  • Today

    Today tomorrow and yesterday never live in peace.
    Yesterday the hate grew unbearable,
    too much to take.
    Today the misfortunate shards or glass from the broken pieces of life... more »

  • Why

    Why did she talk
    why was he there
    why did he turn
    when nobody could care... more »