• Day 1

    Heather is probably the most incredible person I know. She is
    Everything to me. She will tell you that she is
    Awesome, which is true. She is almost
    Too beautiful, but she will tell you that she is ugly.... more »

  • Day 10

    It seems that I just can't get enough
    Of being with her and doing 'couple stuff'
    But don't get me wrong, if I need to, I'll be tough
    I won't get going if the going gets rough... more »

  • Day 11

    She sits in my dreams, bathed in the light
    And just seeing her makes me know it's alright
    And the temptation to go talk to her, I fight
    Before I wake up alone, in the middle of the night... more »

  • Day 12

    As I lay here, alone in the dark
    Alone in my bed, I might remark
    Life then and now, the difference is stark
    Ever since that wonderous, romantic spark... more »

  • Day 13

    I think of her now, I miss her soft touch,
    It's only been a day, I know it's not much,
    But I miss her so, and I believe as such,
    That I need her, like a rabbit needs its hutch... more »

  • Day 14

    She is amazingly beautiful, it's true.
    Truer than her skin is soft, and my eyes are blue.
    And though you aren't scared when I say 'Boo! '
    I will be by your side until the cows don't moo.... more »

  • Day 15

    You are the best, just as you are
    You destroy the competition by far
    I'd climb every mountain, and outrun every car
    Because you shine brightest than the brightest star... more »

  • Day 16

    Now she is something that I cannot live without.
    I will weather any weather and survive any drought.
    And so I believe, with my heart devout
    That she is the most perfect thing, beyond the shadow of a doubt... more »

  • Day 17

    She gives the bestest, warmest hugs
    When she gives them, my heartstrings, she tugs.
    When she's around, it's better than any drugs,
    And her smile is cuter than ladybugs.... more »

  • Day 18

    She is the one that I care for most,
    When friends talk about girls, about her I can boast.
    With her, I'd like to spend a day at the coast,
    And stay by her side until I become a ghost.... more »

  • Day 19

    So now, to her, I'm that special guy
    That makes her feel like she can fly
    And still she won't accept that I
    Find her beautiful, dunno why... more »

  • Day 2

    She looks at me with her beautiful eyes,
    I call her pretty and she says 'Lies'.
    And I need only look to surmise,
    To know that she is better than any prize... more »

  • Day 20

    Now the weathers getting cold
    So now I can have her to hold
    And if I may be so bold,
    She is more precious than gold... more »

  • Day 21

    To think that I was afraid we wouldn't work,
    But deep down those feelings for you did lurk.
    And now that we opened our hearts to feel through the murk,
    You make me feel all warm and fuzzy, and make my heart go berserk... more »

  • Day 22

    You're worth more to me than the biggest gem,
    So you, with me, I must condemn,
    Closer together than the tightest hem.
    All will say 'I wish we were like them'... more »

  • Day 4

    She has the cutest cheeky grin
    It's that grin that drew me in
    And any contest, I would win
    For a chance to see that grin... more »

  • Day 5

    She has the most adorable laugh,
    She beats the competition by 10, and a half
    I'd like to say, on the world's behalf
    That in terms of beauty, she's way off the graph... more »

  • Day 6

    And thus we come to the first milestone
    So what has this past month just shown?
    Stuff like chatting for hours on the phone,
    and that sparks really fly when we're together, alone... more »

  • Day 7

    Her eyes are more shiny than the shiniest glass
    And her skin smoother than the smoothest brass
    Her hair is softer than the softest grass
    And her soul is purer than the purest ice pass... more »

  • Day 8

    Her entire personality is sweeter than chocolate cake
    And her sincerity is so trustworthy, it's impossible to be fake
    So when we agreed to be together, a special bond, we did make
    A tie for all the world to see that, hopefully, would never break.... more »

  • Day 9

    Today, she finally realised how much I care
    She said it made her happy. I felt lighter than air
    People see us together and they say 'They're
    Wonderful together, a quite amazing pair'... more »