• A Friend

    They say that a friend will allways bail you out of jail
    but a true friend will be saying 'we really did it this time'
    They say a friend will allways be around to make you laugh
    But a true friend will be there to wipe away the tears too... more »

  • Bye Bye Baby

    Bye Bye baby
    And thanks for the memories
    Of being locked in a dark bathroom
    Blinded by my heart... more »

  • Dane

    I open the door
    and you're stood there... more »

  • Dear Nate

    Dear Nate,... more »

  • Freedom

    The frustration
    The fear
    The pressure... more »

  • How To Know When You'Re In Love

    This is a chain mail
    so don't break it
    I'm going to tell you a tale
    a tale of love... more »

  • I Know Mum

    I know he makes you cry mum
    I heard the awful sounds
    I know he doesn't try mum
    the bottles I have found... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish the elmo that had died
    was the fluffy guy on sesame street
    that drew pictures that came to life
    I wish the Nathan I'm crying about... more »

  • Loner Girl

    All alone
    by the swings
    she's thinking of so many things
    all the boys that tease and laugh... more »

  • Love Is A Rose

    have you ever experienced love?
    love is like a rose in a well-trimmed garden
    its a thing of beauty and marvel
    it sits in the garden just in reach... more »

  • Love Will Tear Us Apart

    She sits infront of the screen
    no lights are on
    no sounds to be heard
    she watches the image in the corner... more »

  • Rest In Peace Nathan

    If you
    Lost somone you knew... more »