• Death Of The Mind

    Let loose the shackles of your mind
    Return me to me the way you used to be
    Always fooling around acting like a clown
    Playing tricks every time you where in town... more »

  • Eulogy For My Best Friend

    Eulogy for my best friend

    My beloved friend
    I'll always remember... more »

  • I Wonder If......

    I WONDER IF.......
    By Alex Root

    I wonder if you ever loved me... more »

  • My Love Is Something More

    Are you the one for me
    Are you the one from my dreams
    The dreams that is me being free
    For to love and laugh... more »

  • Noble Knight

    Noble knight

    There once was a knight... more »

  • Quick Love

    I respond to quick I know I do
    But that's just because
    I think I may really like you
    I know we don't know each other... more »

  • The Roses On The Tree

    The Roses by the tree
    By Alex Root... more »

  • Uncage My Love

    There are nights I pray and dream of the stars
    knowing that beneath the stars is someone who is special for me
    and for even tho times get bleak
    and it makes me feel meek... more »