• Hopeless Thoughts

    I lay awake waiting for a call,
    To hear something; anything at all,
    The silence is overwelming me,
    Feeling weary back to sleep I fall.... more »

  • Late Night Wandering

    It's late and I am away from my bed,
    The night will soon turn into the morning,
    And then I will decided to rest my head,
    And tomorrow I will do the same thing,... more »

  • Love To Destroy

    Fire burns everything to ash,... more »

  • Love Your Purpose

    I do not desire to work all day,
    Though I would not say myself lazy,
    I find that purpose is much better than pay,
    Even though my purpose may be hazy,... more »

  • The Fault Of Gaining Praise

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    And most of us will disagree with said beholder
    Yet we find our looks so important to us
    We spend so much time to look the way we look... more »

  • The Fruit Of Impatient Labor

    an apple is picked,... more »