• Aged 4 Blues

    Had 11 cents in my pocket
    aged 4 was all I’d ever owned
    had 11 cents in my pocket
    aged 4 was all I’d ever owned... more »

  • Alex, You Are A Good Girl...

    alex, you are a good girl
    (i talk to myself)
    i would like to hold your parts
    like balloons of flesh... more »

  • Morning Cat Squeak

    You want to go out
    but it's raining
    so how about we give you
    a little fish?... more »

  • Our Main Task

    is to shape the seed
    that will fertilise the stars
    that is our end
    all other ends add up to it... more »

  • Porpoise

    Seek and you will find!
    Your life’s porpoise.
    Sleek, black and fat.
    She is hidden somewhere,... more »

  • Revolution Poem

    The poem revolution is happening. If you are
    reading this you are part of it. The New
    Technology is streaming poetry between the
    brains of its citizens, unhindered, the flow... more »

  • Six Fish (Five Alive And One Dead)

    swim i am
    in blue
    my eyes a speck... more »

  • Socrates Sock

    so this is the story of the Socrates Bible.. he kept it poked into his loincloth, a parcel of leaves, the first leaf being adams. heard you wanted to read it, bleed a bit out of it, your mouth sperting sputum, along with a cracked tooth and bent spleen. Apparently he said to Theaetetus 'look after this when i am dead' and so it was done and written on goatskin and stored in a clay pot through the centuries until today when i found it in my garden, remarkably well preserved, it being so dry out here. And I fortunately being a greek scholar am able to translate it pretty well too.

    ninib did bumsex with job
    job did bumsex with joshua... more »

  • The Cigarette

    when i imbibe
    the ash
    of a flicker of coal
    wrapped in leaf... more »

  • The New Blue Poet Machine

    New BLue Poet MAchine

    In the Beginning was the WORD... more »

  • The Pear Is Life

    examine the pear
    how does it make you feel?
    what could it be likened to?
    take a bite... more »

  • Trying To Start The Cat

    the kitten won’t play today

    Rose strokes it and fires the rumble tum... more »

  • Turiya

    (Turiya = the deep dreamless sleep of pure consciousness)

    Let the eye close without and open within
    knowing nothing... more »