No doubt I've been your poetic referee from half time to full time since 1983....4/7/2010


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World Pyramid Theory

Good evening and good morning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the year 2011 am your ultimate and definitely you lecturer on this course. Grab a cup of coffee as I educate you on ancient and modern matters. No doubt on my far-right I've got a couple of ingenious rhythm and blues and the far left a Hip hop genius. We might all think this is fluke i was in the same predicament bumping into music like twas the only air i was breathing upon. Yeah word up! We equator this earth so how did our thoughts merge into one. Ask the writings on the historic manuscripts. Maybe rumors had it that this passion was meant to sweeten the existence of our livelihood. You get the beats and I will pump my head into the notes of the accumulated rhythm.

Back on course internationally the pyramid is used to preserve the dead in-order to facilitate the mentioned. What the deal? I do you the utmost favor of sparing the minor or major details. Reason I run this ish buckle up because its going to be a bumpy ride. Question how many days would a reptile survive the ordeal? We research that then we resume with the existence of manhood under the same dire preserve. Then why would earthlings desire or encourage the same on the today world and its developments that seem to curtail one individual and serve the world population as the beneficiaries. Its all about the longevity of those who dwell on earth commercial, political, social and religious well being. Bear in mind the sideline of the victim the mastermind been the large existence of earth. Me against the world right 'shed so many tears'.... more »

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