• A Ballad Of Starvation

    Evening comes early just with swiftness
    Not minding to know what has to come first,
    Whether going to bed first before eating supper,
    Or eating supper before going to bed,... more »

  • A Black Woman Was Not Made From Ribs Of A Man

    all the solid materials were used up on creating a man
    then God went so poor ofhard inventory for creation of a woman
    a phenomenal black woman, she was not made from ribs of a man as it
    goes the Jewish fable, but from all the turfs ofsoftness on earth's birthday,... more »

  • A Friend

    Alexander K Opicho
    (Eldoret, Kenya; aopicho@yahoo.com)... more »

  • A Half A Government

    It is not a half a yellow sun
    Nor a full purple hibiscus
    Neither a question of Americana
    But the political tidbits of Africana... more »

  • A Leopard Is Not A Good Hunting Companion

    The leopard and the lion chose to become friends,
    For they were all proud of claws on their paws
    They each glorified one another for their mighty,
    Ability to live on meat of other fauna throughout a year,... more »

  • A Negro Disputing With His Penis

    Why are you stretching around?
    Like a crazy creature, stretching
    And erecting at every bossom's sight
    Don't you know this to be vile?... more »

  • A Police Man Can Do Anything

    Why compromised are the police men?
    From all over the world, policemen are sellouts,
    Policemen arrested Jesus Christ and flogged him,
    Others tortured Galileo Galilai for intellectual cross purpose,... more »

  • A Spy

    There are spies all over
    Every where a spy
    Spy in my pocket
    A spy in your hat... more »

  • A Woman Of No Freedom For Conscience

    She married off to a village chief at age of 14,
    But only after being chopped of a clitoris in a Maasai
    Ritual of FGM, chlitoridectomy or you name it,
    For the African elders strictly marry circumcised virgins,... more »

  • Africa My Cornucopia

    You are excess of my goodness when am done with my badness
    I love you Africa in excess for your excess of peoblems;
    Poverty, wars, warlords, diseases, hunger, famine
    And cataclysms evilest eating away your terra firma... more »

  • Akademish Tugend


    Alexander K Opicho... more »

  • Am Gone Home To Sleep

    I am gone home to sleep
    don't follow me down with your issues
    i have no where else i can go for fortress
    other than the oblivion to the world... more »

  • Am Tired

    Of average conventional thinking Guided by envy,
    Jealousy, bigotry, prejudice and cheap competition... more »

  • Amilcar Cabral

    The prominent difference between political leadership of present Africa and Africa of the yester- century is the gradient in intellect. Political leaders of Africa during the anti-colonial epoch mostly referred to as liberation fathers were full of ideas and fibrand of intellect.... more »

  • An African Girl In Russia

    She went to Russia as a student
    To study fashionable nuclear technology
    At the communist Patrice Lumumba University
    At the center of ideologue creating city of Moscow,... more »

  • An English Girl Who Married An African Ogre

    Song one

    This is a song about tarzanic love... more »

  • Animal Anger

    The most misused natural resource is animal emotion
    Animal jelousy, animal love, animal happiness, animal libido,... more »

  • Animal Anger Again

    The most misused natural resource is animal emotion, man
    Animal jealousy, animal love, animal happiness, animal libido, man
    Animal compassion, animal grief, animal ogle, animal sex, man
    Animal ego, animal fear or stampede, but animal anger utmost... more »

  • Antipathy For Islam

    My name is Rajabu Al Islam, an African Muslim
    Born in Africa, Black Muslim not Arabic,
    I am now in the solemn city of Mombasa,
    Standing on the pinnacle of Tahir Sheikh Towers,... more »

  • August I Hate You

    August the month,
    I hate you with passion,
    You are the most sad month,
    You often impeach manly happiness,... more »

  • Away From Home

    He declared himself a refugee, and ran away from his country
    Running away from hunger and poverty, to the overseas,
    He roams foreign countries from one place to another,
    Chewing foreign fortunes of historical efforts,... more »

  • Away From Libyan Slave Market To Christmas In Malindi

    When you happened to watch,
    Moving pictures on the you-tube,
    In one of the bad-fine days of
    December and November of... more »

  • Ballad Of A Peasant

    Alexander k Opicho
    (Eldoret, Kenya; aopicho@yahoo.com)

    Naja naja naaja... more »

  • Ballad Of A Peasant Adultress

    Alexander K Opicho
    (Eldoret, Kenya; aopicho@yahoo.com)

    Natvaa! nativaa!... more »

  • Ballad Of Vladimir Putin

    He told his sister to feed the dogs,
    His twin sister; Sophia Bogvoskya,
    As he was to take out the herds
    Of horses, sheep, donkeys and cows,... more »