Alexander Pope Quotes

Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in night; God said Let Newton be! and all was light.
Alexander Pope (1688-1744), British satirical poet. Epitaph Intended for Sir Isaac Newton in Westminster Abbey (1730). British author J.C. (Sir John) Squire (1884-1958) coined the following epigram in answer to Pope's: It did not last: the Devil, howling "Ho! Let Einstein be!" Restored the status quo.
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When other Ladies to the Shades go down, Still Flavia, Chloris, Celia stay in Town; Those Ghosts of Beauty ling'ring there abide, And haunt the places where their Honour dy'd.
Alexander Pope (1688-1744), British poet. When other fair ones to the shades go down. . . Poetical Works [Alexander Pope]. Herbert Davis, ed. (1978; repr. 1990) Oxford University Press.
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