Not terribly much to say to be prefectly honest, I would say that I have lead a bit of a sheltered life so far. I would say that the poet that inspires me most and has the greatest influence when I write would be John Donne, as I also feel very much lured to the perfect spiritual love which Donne often alludes to in his work.
I generally find I'm disappointed with the reality of life as it can never really match up with the idealised perfection of the imagination.


Alexander Steen Stewart Poems

Love Or Lust

A love so secret, veiled and dark,
Hidden deep within my heart.
Yet I think I may be wrong
About my heart, my love, my song;... more »

The Beauty Of Dreams

If ever I saw your face without fear,
It was always with eyes of sleep.
For in the world of dreams to you I'm dear,
With feeling oh so deep.... more »

The Dual Kingdom

The double sky we live below,
Is ruled in equal parts;
Two thrones, two kings, each sky aglow,
But which one rules our hearts?... more »

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Miriam Maia Padua 24 Nov 2008 08:51
your works are wonderful..hope you can read and leave comments on my works too... thanks