• Beautiful Phantom

    A heart once broken leads one's eyes to roam,
    Just as mine did one Winter day,
    My youth ravished eyes swept the room,
    And saw her standing, a beautiful cliché;... more »

  • Devils In Skirts

    Many's the time my honour's been,
    Dented or otherwise insulted,
    And though I go to lengths to avoid a scene,
    That's often how it's resulted.... more »

  • Forbidden Fruit

    Your love is like forbidden fruit
    Never to own, my love's pursuit.
    With society as my cruel mistress
    In formality my heart must dress.... more »

  • Friday 13

    Philippe le Bel, the puppet king,
    Resides within a gilded cage,
    Only a king upon a stage,
    With nought but clemency to sing.... more »

  • From The Eagle's Eye

    The horizon of his mind is dark,
    Black clouds of thought hang low,
    When this storm breaks there'll be no ark.
    She's changed the status quo.... more »

  • Love Or Lust

    A love so secret, veiled and dark,
    Hidden deep within my heart.
    Yet I think I may be wrong
    About my heart, my love, my song;... more »

  • Lunaticus Amor

    Eternal night, an endless flight
    Forever from your arms
    But when you're standing near, in sight
    I long for your sweet charms... more »

  • Raincloud

    She knows I want her lips on mine,
    And I know that her heart is just,
    A step away from love divine,
    To capture her I think I must,... more »

  • The Beauty Of Dreams

    If ever I saw your face without fear,
    It was always with eyes of sleep.
    For in the world of dreams to you I'm dear,
    With feeling oh so deep.... more »

  • The Dual Kingdom

    The double sky we live below,
    Is ruled in equal parts;
    Two thrones, two kings, each sky aglow,
    But which one rules our hearts?... more »

  • The Final Rampart

    The fortress of my mind is stout,
    And yet I fear to stay.
    For its strength I have come to doubt,
    This could be its final day.... more »

  • The Gauntlet

    What is this gauntlet of a man,
    This state of being I must rise to?
    I stand before it pale and wan,
    What, makes a man of me or you?... more »

  • The Pretentious Carter

    A beautiful day in spring
    And the carters get on their way
    To chop and fetch and carry wood
    As is their job... more »

  • The Swallow Of Youth

    One swallow does not a summer make.
    And so I know I should not take,
    With hardly even one score years,
    These trifling, youth-built souvenirs,... more »

  • Virtue

    Choice is the bane of Virtue's existance;
    Choice can lead the good man astray,
    But sooner or later that man must pay;
    If he should choose to dance the Devil's dance.... more »

  • Vrai Ou Faux

    Infinite depths within her eyes
    Make it hard to tell where truth lies
    Yet never would I call her insincere
    Even if she can be a little cavalier... more »