• A Hand

    When I close my eyes,
    all is lost.
    Evil sights around me
    fade away.... more »

  • A Mother's Love

    A mother’s love is sweeter
    than honey from the honeycomb.

    It is more beautiful than... more »

  • A Place To Belong

    Sadness engullfs me,
    Depression overtakes me.
    I feel as if life is
    a bottomless pit,... more »

  • Evil

    They stand face-to-face with evil everyday.
    To them, Evil has a name, a voice, a spirit.
    He draws them close, caresses their bodies,
    kisses the napes of their necks.... more »

  • Feet, Hands, Blood Of Jesus

    Feet that walked on water
    with the power of the Father
    calmed Peter's fears
    and rid him of his cares.... more »

  • God's World

    Bubbly clouds strut along in
    a haven of soft sparkling blue,
    their bodies plump, massive white,
    feathery light.... more »

  • Love Of My Life

    Jesus you're beautiful,
    pure and perfect,
    the loveliness of you... more »

  • Midnight Prayer

    Clouds swim in midnight blanket
    caressing the moon's round entity
    bathed in silver glow.
    The stars dance nearby... more »

  • Never Good Enough

    I walk across the stage,
    the whole school looks on.
    the teachers are smiling,
    the students are cheering.... more »

  • Not Alone

    She was alone,
    All alone.
    Feelings of loneliness
    and sorrow gave way to... more »

  • Renewed In The Spirit

    He hurts you.
    Like a raging lion
    he pounces on you,
    sinks his teeth into your flesh.... more »

  • Sing A Song

    Sing a song of beauty,
    euphoria and love.
    Sing a song of peace
    that flows through your veins,... more »

  • Smiles In My Heart

    Hair that gleams like golden light,
    Skin the colour of alabaster.
    Eyes that dance and twinkle bright,
    Your lips, a curtain that draws back to crack a smile.... more »

  • Stop, Go

    Here's my poem:... more »

  • Tears

    Ribbons of salt water,
    Emerge from deep within
    Two eye cubicles,
    And flow,... more »

  • That Girl

    I was always that girl
    you passed by in the halls.
    As I struggled to pile my books
    into my locker,... more »

  • That Place

    Don't think of this place.
    In this place you lie awake all night,
    nightmares dancing around in your dreams,
    fear causing you to break out in sweat.... more »

  • The Father's Tears

    I hate to see you hurting,
    lowered eyes,
    slumped shoulders,
    tears crawling down your face,... more »

  • Unconditional Love

    Unconditional Love
    isn't just any kind of love.
    It's not the type of love
    you can get on the street.... more »

  • Who I Am

    You may not like the colour of my skin
    whether it mocks the tawny mare of a lion
    strolling through the Savannah
    or whether it emulates the wings... more »

  • Without You

    Without you,
    there is no point in living.
    Why should the sun keep shining,
    The Birds singing,... more »

  • Words

    Beautiful as a mother’s kiss,
    A clear sky with cotton-candy clouds,
    A lark's cheerful melody,... more »