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I whirled around and there i saw,
The guy in my dreams, that he never know,
I looked at him and my heart jumps
I always felt this way as if I was bumped.... more »

My Special Man

I've known you for all of my life.
But for all those years. i never seen you cry.
I heard you whined, because lot of problems that come in front of your eyes.
Still you stand and strong enough to fight.... more »


Love is such a crazy thing.You'll get jealous even if you're are not meant to be...Not all maybe, but i'm sure it's true to me.

I met this guy not so long ago. Everything was fine. He was so funny; he was making me laugh. He was so natural that's why I liked him. It was nothing to me then. I JUST LIKED HIM AS A FRIEND.That's it! But that was before!... more »

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