• A Dream

    A shadow stretching from the horizon
    touches her feet.... more »

  • A Plea

    Put down your hands
    your cannot hide
    melt your thick hair
    in the fiery tide.... more »

  • Confusion In A Graveyard

    Walking along the ancient path
    my moods began to flutter
    I turned to read the epitaph
    among the stones, a clutter... more »

  • Divine Control

    The devil took away your smile
    and drank your afterbirth
    within moments we'll become the earth
    and see this place for what it's worth... more »

  • Fishtank

    how the world
    is like a fishtank.... more »

  • Hope Less

    She closes her eyes
    when the sun is too bright
    and cries 'this may be the afterlife'
    It doesn't suit her... more »

  • I Would Do It All Over Again.

    The cold chewed through
    my sweater and coat
    as I unclenched my arms
    to reach up... more »

  • Lifeline

    Red line
    Blue line
    White light
    Flat line... more »

  • Morning Breath

    Today is different.
    for what is the dawn without
    a sunrise?
    a lesser beginning.... more »

  • Refusing To Ferment

    someone please tell me
    how i got here,
    in this very time and place.
    perhaps my destiny... more »

  • Relax Excerpt

    he awaits the eve of my rebirth
    and recalls an innocent child
    from the morn.
    he captures my thoughts... more »

  • So Be

    Let it be so
    that life is done in repetition
    that may we die
    and become infant again.... more »

  • Somewhat Melancholy

    Retire your spirit
    in soulful daydream.
    cleanse your conscience
    and corrode the atmosphere... more »

  • Thoughts That Don'T Matter

    Oh sweet station
    wish me a happy Saturday
    play something quiet
    cuz I'm all alone,... more »

  • Unfinished Rag

    As we meet
    and separate
    we'll integrate
    or segregate... more »