Alexis McAfee Biography

Undergrad in Psychology, seeker of knowledge, corporate underdog, aspired poet; my name is Alexis. People ask where I'm from and I can't explain how I moved my entire life and never created a 'home town'. Simple questions like these are answered with lengthy summaries. My biography wouldn't be appropriate here.

Regarding my poetic interests: Writing began at fifteen. At that time, I played music everyday and developed a knack for improvisation. Jazz flows like a deep current and always enabled me to attempt something never practiced. Still in my teens, instrumental works were blended with my first lyrics. I worked with my musical styles to develop different limericks.

Throughout the past decade, these experimentations were converted to a love affair with poetry. I work to progressing daily with surrealist and symbolist techniques, infused with my style, to create something NEW! The number of poets agreeing that poetry needs to be reinvented is endless. I agree and want to continue producing original literary works.

To occupy my poetic needs, I started because I need an outlet. I hope to reach other poets and find a community of inspiration and growth someday. So, I started to write about the different aspects of poetry. Please visit and comment on Please remember, its new!