• 3 Years And Still Going

    It’s been 3 years
    I’m surprised I made it this long
    I thought all life would cease to exist
    I miss you so much and can’t get you off my mind... more »

  • A Squandered Breath Of Life

    Spiraling in a circle of demise,
    I lie here ready to die,... more »

  • I’ve Changed

    What's become of me?
    I'm hurting the ones I love
    I tell them they're horrible
    And yet I feel nothing... more »

  • If Only They Knew

    When you look at me,
    What do you see?
    An innocent child,
    Who barely speaks,... more »

  • It Hurts

    It hurts when I’m not invited,
    It hurts to find out of a planned event the day after it happened,
    It hurts when I stay at home while all my friends are out,
    It hurts to find that I’m not liked,... more »

  • May 25

    May 25,
    The day strikes fear in my heart,
    The loss of a loved one,
    A friend,... more »

  • My Disease

    A smile plastered on my face,
    Inside I’m screaming,
    A sigh, I’m fine,
    Inside I’m screaming,... more »

  • My Mother And I

    You dropped me off for the first day of school,
    You cried a little and I looked like a fool,
    You watched me play, play all day,
    As you sat there, you would say,... more »

  • People Talk

    People Talk
    they say, are you ok?
    I smile, ya i'm fine
    If they only knew... more »

  • The Beginning

    ... more »

  • What Do You See Inside These Eyes?

    Open your eyes,
    Take a look and see,... more »

  • Why Do I Still Try?

    Why do I still try?
    Try to feel wanted,
    Try to keep friends that don’t want me,
    To sing out my feelings when nobody’s there to listen,... more »