• A Birthday

    The love within my heart that dwells
    Knows nought of days or hours;
    I hear thee in the Christmas bells,... more »

  • A Birthday Present

    ```Say what, to please you, you would have me be.''
    Then listen, dear!
    I fain would have you very fair to see,
    And sweet to hear.... more »

  • A Border Burn

    Where Autumn runnels fret and foam
    Past banks of amber fern,
    Since track was none I chanced to roam
    Along a Border burn.... more »

  • A Captive Throstle

    Poor little mite with mottled breast,
    Half-fledged, and fallen from the nest,
    For whom this world hath just begun,... more »

  • A Christmas Carol

    Hark! In the air, around, above,
    The Angelic Music soars and swells,
    And, in the Garden that I love,
    I hear the sound of Christmas Bells.... more »

  • A Country Nosegay

    Where have you been through the long sweet hours
    That follow the fragrant feet of June?
    By the dells and the dingles gathering flowers,... more »

  • A Defence Of English Spring

    Unnamed, unknown, but surely bred
    Where Thames, once silver, now runs lead,
    Whose journeys daily ebb and flow
    'Twixt Tyburn and the bells of Bow,... more »

  • A Dialogue At Fiesole

    Halt here awhile. That mossy-cushioned seat
    Is for your queenliness a natural throne;
    As I am fitly couched on this low sward,... more »

  • A Dream Of England

    I had a dream of England. Wild and weird,
    The billows ravened round her, and the wrack,
    Darkening and dwindling, blotted out the track,... more »

  • A Farewell

    Good-bye, old year, good-bye!
    Gentle you were to many as to me,
    And so we, meditating, sigh,... more »

  • A Farewell To Youth

    Ere that I say farewell to youth, and take
    The homely road that leads to life's decline,
    Let me be sure again I shall not pine... more »

  • A Farmhouse Dirge

    Will you walk with me to the brow of the hill, to visit the farmer's wife,
    Whose daughter lies in the churchyard now, eased of the ache of life?... more »

  • A Florilegium

    All the seasons of the year,
    I have flowers for you, dear.
    When the ploughland's flecked with snow,... more »

  • A Fragment

    Should fickle hands in far-off days
    No longer stroke thy hair,
    And lips that once were proud to praise
    Forget to call thee fair,... more »

  • A Last Request

    Let not the roses lie
    Too thickly tangled round my tomb,
    Lest fleecy clouds that skim the summer sky,... more »

  • A Letter From Italy

    Lately, when we wished good-bye
    Underneath a gloomy sky,
    ``Bear,'' you said, ``my love in mind,... more »

  • A March Minstrel

    Hail! once again, that sweet strong note!
    Loud on my loftiest larch,
    Thou quaverest with thy mottled throat,
    Brave minstrel of bleak March!... more »

  • A Meeting

    Queen, widowed Mother of a widowed child,
    Whose ancient sorrow goeth forth to meet
    Her new-born sorrow with parental feet,... more »

  • A Night In June

    Lady! in this night of June
    Fair like thee and holy,
    Art thou gazing at the moon
    That is rising slowly?... more »

  • A November Note

    Why, throstle, do you sing
    In this November haze?
    Singing for what? for whom?
    Deem you that it is Spring,... more »

  • A Poet’s Eightieth Birthday

    ``He dieth young whom the Gods love,'' was said
    By Greek Menander; nor alone by One
    Who gave to Greece his English song and sword... more »

  • A Point Of Honour

    ``Tell me again; I did not hear: It was wailing so sadly. Nay,
    Hush! little one, for mother wants to know what they have to say.... more »

  • A Portrait

    When friends grown faithless, or the fickle throng,
    Withdrawing from my life the love they lent,
    Breed in my heart disdainful discontent,... more »

  • A Question

    Love, wilt thou love me still when wintry streak
    Steals on the tresses of autumnal brow;
    When the pale rose hath perished in my cheek,... more »

  • A Question Answered

    I saw the lark at break of day
    Rise from its dewy bed,
    And, winged with melody, away
    Circle to Heaven o'erhead.... more »