• The Last Straw

    I can’t believe what I just saw
    I believe this will be the last straw

    He had his arms around your waist... more »

  • The Losses Outnumber The Gains

    Yesterday, thoughts of you flowed through my veins
    I assessed the losses and the gains
    Differences we had a few
    Because of these differences I knew... more »

  • The Love I Know

    The swirling wind spins me round
    The plain truth sits me down
    The chain remains unbroken
    For the words that are left unspoken... more »

  • The More I Look

    The more I look the more I see
    Beyond my dreams and fantasies
    Out of my reach of reality
    Someone waits for me... more »

  • The New Assessment

    When the morning sun arrives I will sit on the moist grass and bathe in his warm light
    Resting my weary soul after chasing more wrong than right
    That tantalizing ball of fire sprung up like a jack in the box
    And it scattered all around the dry sand leaving the playground looking like a face with chicken pox... more »

  • The Pain Of Loving You

    I think it’s better left unsaid
    All these things inside my head
    There’s nothing left to do
    What’s left of me and you?... more »

  • The Pill

    It was that time of day when everything stood still
    It took all my strength not to fall down that hill
    I question myself, why did I give in to that pill
    She took me by the hand to take me to higher ecstasy... more »

  • The Proposal

    The first time I laid eyes on you
    My heart skipped beat or two
    It’s not what I planned to do
    I became hypnotized by your eyes... more »

  • The Pyramid

    The foundation was a bitch
    But I just had an itch
    All those perfectly cut stones
    And the need to hide some bones... more »

  • The River

    The river sits quietly dry
    Waiting for a tear from the sky
    Where lonesome doves have gone to cry
    The river, the mother of life... more »

  • The Scam

    The Scam
    You had your claws in me
    About ready to skin me
    But to my defense... more »

  • The Second Time Around

    The Second Time Around
    The first time you threw me out
    Like the weekly trash
    I didn’t think I would survive... more »

  • The Sinking Of A Relationship

    The Sinking of a Relationship
    Whatever the circumstance
    The end of a love affair is painful always
    We somehow drift away... more »

  • The Thirst

    I came to you with a thirst
    Because I wanted you to be the first
    Had a dream inside my head
    It didn’t include an empty bed... more »

  • The Truth About The Lies

    Never did believe in goodbyes
    I thought I never would see you again
    Let me tell you the truth about the lies
    I will share them with you my friend... more »

  • The Wall

    All my life I worked hard
    So that one day I could relax
    But sometimes life catches you off guard
    As if your righteousness didn’t pay the tax... more »

  • The Weight On My Shoulder

    The weight on my shoulder
    Feels like a large boulder
    How do I explain?
    This world of pain... more »

  • These Old Shoes

    These old shoes have kicked up too much dust
    Seen too many people I just can’t trust

    These old eyes have seen too much... more »

  • Thinking Of You

    In the early morning light
    As the cobwebs glisten with morning dew
    I think of you
    As the sun makes its run over the hill... more »

  • This House Is No Longer A Home

    As I walk down the lonely street
    Knees get weak, can barely keep my feet
    I see the fence, the gate, the porch
    From where you gazed and lit my torch... more »

  • This Misery

    This misery is haunting me
    Taunting me
    This misery lies in bed with my loneliness
    So now I must confess... more »

  • Three Wishes

    Took a lonely walk down a sandy beach
    Thoughts of her were out of reach
    Stubbed my toe in the wet sand
    Pulled up a genie lamp with my hand... more »

  • Throw Me A Dream

    Throw me a dream
    And I’ll catch it
    Toss me a smile
    And I’ll match it... more »

  • Tijuana Moon

    Like magic, the moon in all its glory
    Rose over the Tijuana hills
    The night was darkly still, clear of stars
    Giving you the chills... more »

  • Time

    Sometimes time just flies by
    You couldn’t catch it if you try
    As racing clouds erase the cold blue sky
    Seconds tick on... more »