• Time (The Enemy)

    Time waits in the grass like a snake
    Ready to strike whether you are asleep or awake
    It wraps its arms around you till you choke
    Laughs at you as if it was a joke... more »

  • Tonight I Slept With My Guitar

    Tonight I slept with my guitar
    Sheet music scattered across the floor
    None of my dreams got very far
    Each one had you closing the door... more »

  • Too Much Of Nothing

    When I was young
    And had the taste life upon my tongue
    Everything seemed so easy
    Didn't take much to please me... more »

  • Toss Of The Dice

    What was at stake?
    Was it the greed of money?
    Felt cloth caressed by the rake
    The chips smelled like honey... more »

  • Tragic

    Isn’t it tragic?
    I thought I had the magic
    To make you reappear
    Right in front of my mirror... more »

  • Transgressions

    Ode to Tiger Woods, my hero no more

    I must confess
    I had these transgressions on the golf course... more »

  • Tribute To Virginia Tech

    With the taste of tears upon my tongue
    I grieve for those old and young
    Taken too soon from everyone
    Too soon to see a black sun... more »

  • True North

    True north is etched in our heart
    Where our moral compass has a place to start

    Love is just a slice of pie... more »

  • Tumbleweed

    How can you ever find what you need?
    How can you know if you’ll succeed?
    When you’re running around like tumbleweed
    I tried so hard to plant the seed... more »

  • Two Line Poems

    I hate two line poems
    I don'tstretch the truth
    As far as I can
    Embellish it a bit... more »

  • Unfinished Business

    Hey babe, you can’t leave me this mess
    I don’t want to be the prince of loneliness
    We got ourselves some unfinished business
    It all started when you walked away... more »

  • What Do I Do About The Pain

    The back of my brain
    Feels like it’s been hit by a runaway train
    What do I do about the pain?
    It’s driving me insane... more »

  • What Happened To America?

    (Based on a true story)
    I first met America
    In an old Mexican orphanage
    She must have been 7 or 8... more »

  • What Last Forever?


    Fire?... more »

  • What’s With Mirrors

    The mirror
    I fear
    Tells more than the truth... more »

  • When Love Is The Answer

    Admit to your deepest desire
    Know that your path is lined with fire
    Crying will only get you so far
    It won’t help you cleanse the scar... more »

  • When She Left

    When she left
    She took a huge part of me
    Broke me down
    Forced me to start over... more »

  • Where Do We Hide

    No one has the answers
    To all the cancers
    We possess
    Imperfect secrets... more »

  • Which Came First

    Which came first?
    The truth or the lies
    Was the truth a setup?
    When you looked deep into my eyes... more »

  • White Space

    Did you read between the lines
    In the last letter I wrote to you
    Did you sense the gravity of the situation
    When we just couldn’t say what’s true... more »

  • Who Gives A Heart

    Through the river of veins
    Feelings surround the soul
    Distributing pleasures and pains
    Sometimes out of control... more »

  • Who In Hell Is To Blame

    It was the first hint of dawn
    When I noticed you were gone
    Something made you run
    Before the rising of the sun... more »

  • Winter’s Rage

    In the vortex of the swirling evil wind
    Mother Nature showed its evil grin
    Sleet and snow becomes an evil twin
    A wolf’s howling can be heard as evil sin... more »

  • Without Measure

    I can’t tell you how it’s going to be
    The future is too far from gravity
    And my love for you was without measure
    Each golden moment an unforgettable treasure... more »

  • Woman's Rage

    It burns inside of me
    The fire I thought was desire
    Is searing in my heart
    Of which I wanted no part... more »