• Word Appetite

    I spend most of my time
    Searching for reason and rhyme
    I know there are words hiding under my bed
    I find hiding them between two slices of bread... more »

  • You And Me Again

    If I should carve upon our family tree
    Initials embedded forever of you and me
    If I place a slice of life under a microscope what would we see
    I’d see a menagerie of tangled roots I’m sure... more »

  • You Are My Valentine

    You are my Valentine
    So lovely and divine

    You are my Sunshine... more »

  • You Threw It All Away

    You had a life
    Someone who loved you too much
    But you threw it all away
    You had every bit of heaven... more »

  • Your Letter

    Your letter is siiting on the bedroom dresser waiting to be read
    It was on the breadkfast counter so I moved it here instead
    I haven't found the time to read it; the hours just fly by
    The coffee stains will surely hide the tears I yet to cry... more »