• Falling In Love

    If you need a reason
    I can think of a few
    From the first time that I saw you
    I was then that I knew... more »

  • False Heroes

    When false heroes die
    I don’t mean physically, I don’t mean literally
    I mean emotionally
    I don’t mean in the ground dead... more »

  • Fame (Who Wants It)

    Fame is something I didn’t seek
    Maybe I thought I was too weak
    Or maybe I didn’t look hard enough
    Cause deep inside I knew it would be tough... more »

  • Farther Than It Appears

    Your smile is like a sand castle on the shore
    Waiting for the high tide to wash it away
    I gave you all I had but you wanted more
    Now my restless nerves have started to fray... more »

  • Fear Itself

    Does fear hold us back
    From dreams unfulfilled
    Love allowed to drift away
    Passions allowed to wither... more »

  • Figure It Out

    In a sense
    It don’t make any sense at all
    Dreams don’t come true
    When you want them to... more »

  • Final Embrace

    Steer your ship to shore
    Away from the turbulent sea
    Cause pain you don’t want more
    Catch the gale... more »

  • First Love

    First Love
    It’s been too many damn years
    And I still feel the tears
    Build up inside my eyes... more »

  • Footprints On The Moon

    It was an Indian summer night
    An aromatic breath it did invite
    A warm and satin breeze
    Blew over the sentinel trees... more »

  • Friendship

    Thought you were my friend
    But sometimes friendships end
    For no reason at all
    But we got to get up from the fall... more »

  • From An Old Man Dying

    Faded almost gone is the color of life
    The luster of autumn stands silently still
    The curtain of night is gentle drawn... more »

  • Full Circle

    The constant itch came
    Came from a rash
    A rash of ill feelings
    Feelings I could not control... more »

  • Give Me One More Chance

    I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel
    Didn’t think I would be swallowed by a wind funnel

    Did I think I was too cool?... more »

  • Glass Butterfly

    Don’t treat me like a glass butterfly
    So pretty and so fragile
    I could be tough as nails
    Melt your heart with a smile... more »

  • God’s Crayolas

    On the first day he took out the blue crayon
    And painted the sky
    Very pleasing to the eye... more »

  • Going Nowhere

    I can’t hide behind this veil of tears
    And leave behind this trail of fears
    I want to get up and run as I can
    From this darkness I just can’t understand... more »

  • Gran Torino

    Let me tell you a story
    Filled with blood guts and glory
    Death, old age and prejudice
    No boundaries to pain’s edifice... more »

  • Growing Old

    It was the twilight of our life
    Calendar pages fall like autumn leaves
    Changing color in the fabric that nature weaves
    We hold hands like rusty nails hold a rotted fence... more »

  • Haiku 101

    In a summer wind

    Leaves humming a lullaby... more »

  • Half Life

    It was the first hint of dawn
    When I notice you were gone
    Something made you run
    Before the rising of the sun... more »

  • Helena

    One day you wrote into my life
    Every line cut into me like a knife
    I sensed a heart of gold
    Yet a yearning to fill an empty hole... more »

  • Hey Baby Girl

    Hey baby girl
    What in the world
    Are you going to do
    Look in the mirror... more »

  • Hey Little Bird

    Hey little bird it’s time to fly away
    Hey little bird you ain’t got time to stay
    You came and sang your song
    Now move along, move along... more »

  • Hidden Desire

    The beautiful woman entered the room
    Full lips like teasing flowers in bloom

    She sat in a comfortable plush chair... more »

  • Hiding In The Rough

    Sometimes life can be so tough
    But we can’t run and hide in the rough

    Much of life can be manicured... more »