• Holding On Too Long

    I’ve been scratching out a living
    Maybe there was not enough giving
    So much was misunderstood
    And it led to so much no good... more »

  • Home Before Dark

    Before the last spark of light
    Before darkness faces blight
    I might find my way home
    The sunset races to hide the day... more »

  • Hope And Faith

    Hope is slipping and faith is barely hanging on
    As I tremble waiting for the dawn

    We spent endless hours talking to the stars... more »

  • I Am Still Here (Todavia Estoy Aqui)

    So hard we work the land
    Till we blister our hand

    We sweat from sun up to moonlight... more »

  • I Am The Captain

    Climb aboard
    Let’s search for tomorrow
    Pack your suitcase
    Put your dreams aside... more »

  • I Auto Love You, But I Don’t

    You put the brakes into my life
    I just don’t start up the way I used to
    You seem to have changed gears on me in the middle of the road
    You slammed the door in my face... more »

  • I Don’t Want To Go There

    Woke up to an orange sky
    Dappled in purple grey clouds
    A curtain of night is peeled away
    Erasing a constant nightmare... more »

  • I Heard Love Was Blind

    I Heard Love Was Blind

    I heard love was blind
    Is that why you were so hard to find... more »

  • I Keep Telling Myself

    I keep telling myself
    That things will change
    New ideas will rise for us to rearrange
    Chaos will bury itself in red tape... more »

  • I Know Those Eyes

    I know those eyes
    Can mesmerize
    They can see deep into your soul
    I know those eyes... more »

  • I Lost My Crown

    The day I lost my mind
    Was the day you left for good
    All the love that was left behind
    Wouldn’t bring you back if it could... more »

  • I Miss You

    I miss you, the real you
    The one that used to smile everyday
    Where have you gone, I miss the dawn
    The one that you brightened up everyway... more »

  • I Watched Her

    I watched her undrape
    A vision I cannot escape
    Through the broken window of my mind
    A beauty to behold staring back in time... more »

  • I, The Runner

    Two miles, three miles, just getting started
    My legs are just getting warm and limber
    My breathing now synchronized
    There’s an air loneliness... more »

  • If I Ever See You Again

    The clock has turned to a different time
    Its face faded, its arms tired
    Gray and wrinkles now dress up each day
    Disclosing the wear and tear of life... more »

  • If I Only Knew

    Outside the rain is pounding
    And the wind is sounding
    Sounding like hell
    My head is filled with haunting fears... more »

  • If I Was Like The Tide

    If I was like the tide
    There would be no place to hide
    Sliding in and slipping out over and over again
    And if I was a wave... more »

  • If My Life Was A Canvas

    If my life was a canvas
    It would be one of those
    Paint by the number boards
    Showing the many shades of my life... more »

  • If She Were Mine

    I wouldn’t feel the chilling wind
    The comes with winter time
    If she were mine
    And I wouldn’t care one little bit... more »

  • If Something Happens

    If something happens that you cannot explain
    Like a warm summer rain
    Cleansing the air
    Cleansing all despair... more »

  • If You Ever

    If you ever find a moment
    Between sanity and insanity
    You’ll find a world spinning fast
    Someone falling off like an outcast... more »

  • If You Want Me

    I think if the situation was reverse
    There would be no questions
    But it is you who must answer
    I can only provide suggestions... more »

  • I'M No Good

    I told you I’m no good
    I tried the best I could
    But I guess no one understood
    You know I had good intentions... more »

  • Imaginary Lover

    Co-written with Caryn hull)

    Kiss me soft or kiss me hard
    Do it intentionally or catch me off guard... more »

  • Imperfection

    I looked into the mirror
    And I saw a reflection
    Upon close inspection
    There gathered a collection... more »