• Kiss Me Softly

    Kiss me softly, kiss me slow
    Let me savor
    The fruits of our labor
    Close your eyes and let the feeling flow... more »

  • Kite Dreams

    Don’t let the tail get tangled
    Squeezing the dreams that dangled
    In the wind its face fluttered
    Listen closely as it stuttered... more »

  • La Mordida (The Bribe)

    La Mordida (The Bribe)
    Among your constant growing pains
    You’ve congested your righteous motives in smoke chains
    You have yet to learn to bite your tongue... more »

  • Last Night’s Dream

    Your aroma filled my senses
    In my dream last night
    The smile on your face
    It shines a sparkling light... more »

  • Leap Of Faith

    Leap of Faith
    Was it only me
    Or did the blind man see
    The beautiful rainbow on the mountain top... more »

  • Let Life Paint You A Picture

    Let your problems fall like autumn leaves
    Let your thoughts float like snowflakes in a winter breeze
    Let your attitude change like the colors of the seasons
    But let your actions be the productions of good reasons... more »

  • Let’s Dance

    Let me take you by the hand
    And lead you to the dance floor
    Once more
    Let’s embrace to the rhythm... more »

  • Lethal Kiss

    Am I not mortal?
    Destined to open a lover’s portal
    Do I not possess the omnipotence of man?
    The ability to follow the Master plan... more »

  • Let's Spend Our Life Together

    The quiet moon in its entire splendor
    Sails across the starlit sky so tender
    I hold you in my arms tonight
    Everything feels so right... more »

  • Life Amplified

    Sometimes the artistic side of me
    The 99 per cent in my brain I seldom use
    Seeps out, oozes through my lips
    Onto page after blank page... more »

  • Life Is A Piece Of Cake

    One day I woke up crying
    (Have you ever done that?)
    Of course it was the first day of my life
    I didn’t recognize anyone in the room... more »

  • Life's Final Dance

    She could not smile
    For that Euphoria that spun the sky
    That gave her a kaleidoscope view of the sun
    That numbed every Erogenous zone... more »

  • Like Diamonds In The Sky

    The night is falling
    Stars come out calling
    Twinkling their diamond eyes
    Spreading wonder in the darkening skies... more »

  • Like Sheep

    Like Sheep
    (My last protest poem of the year)

    It is not a formal protest... more »

  • Like Too Many Yesterdays

    The sun finally rose
    Melting the dew that froze
    In the cool winter night
    Eyes once shut tight... more »

  • Listen To The Wind

    If you listen to the wind
    It’s like listening to your twin
    As it echoes rippled reflections
    On the glass lake that you swim... more »

  • Loneliness Part 1

    Loneliness Part 1
    No one looked at me, into my eyes, to see me
    It hurts to smile for no reason
    From behind most people look the same... more »

  • Looking Inside Ourselves

    When we have to look inside ourselves
    We don’t need a full size mirror
    If we did, we have to look away and run in fear
    Reflections only show the outer layer... more »

  • Lost Again

    I don’t want to say we lost again
    We haven’t spoken since who knows when
    And I don’t know where to begin
    Every mountain seems steeper... more »

  • Lost Child

    I dreamt that I could fly
    Across the crimson colored sky
    Colliding with moonbeams
    Causing stars to burst at the seams... more »

  • Lost Men

    What could be worse?
    In this universe
    Than for men in flight
    Fleeing from their plight... more »

  • Lost Son

    Lost Son
    Someone we cuddled and played with
    Has evaporated in front of our eyes like a myth... more »

  • Love (An Unsolved Puzzle)

    The pieces of my broken heart don’t seem fit
    Like an unsolved puzzle we had to quit
    They’re scattered across the floor
    Pain seeping out of every pore... more »

  • Love (For Mike And Emily)

    It’s a feeling that fills your stomach with butterflies
    It fills your heart with amorous sighs
    It’s a feeling the resides in your soul
    Soothe the toughest times with calm control... more »

  • Love And Hate

    Love so elusive
    Slips on slick sidewalks of life
    Hate so abusive
    Pounding penny nails into the brain... more »