• Gracious


    I asked the wind when she will come?
    He answered: Never, but I can't believe!... more »

  • Homing Pigeon

    Homing pigeon

    Religion and church say God never sleep
    I am not philosopher or philosophy is deep... more »

  • I Will Be Nature

    I will be nature

    I am like the rain where I should fall?
    I am like rainbow where I should grow?... more »

  • Last Night Dream

    Last night dream

    Can I lose heaven in your hairs bright?
    Can I find my love in your eyes glare?... more »

  • Mirage

    Shadows on the wall, a long dark dream
    A nightmare of sun, without any hope
    A deep long drama, consciousness without stream
    A British catholic, a catholic more than pope... more »

  • Moses' Rod

    Moses' rod

    I am not poet, but I want to write
    When paper is black, but also white... more »

  • Spring Like Fall

    Spring like fall

    Today was first day of spring
    But like last year it was fall... more »

  • Treason


    Like an ocean in love with a beach
    I can believe that I am the fake lover... more »

  • White Tree

    I was like a white tree
    Under the darkness of lies
    I was searching the God to say
    Devil may sometimes cries... more »

  • Zebra Crossing

    Zebra Crossing

    Any one stay with me I wasn't important
    Maybe they don't know me or they had abhorrent... more »