• Address

    A red rose
    with it's root
    has came
    has sat... more »

  • Birds

    I feed the birds of the morning
    by poems pieces
    which every night
    your hands pour on my hopes pillow... more »

  • Conjunction

    I waited for you
    a long time
    and many times
    deceived the death angel... more »

  • Eyes

    It is a sky
    that angles live there
    although it's rainy always.
    It is full of angles' dreams... more »

  • Fireplace

    Tell to sky:
    rain and snow
    as much as you want
    on our naked bodies!... more »

  • Ice

    You were invited to paradise
    but you didn't go
    and prefered hell.
    You sit on bench awaiting... more »

  • Leopard

    One day
    I'll compose such a spring of your eyes
    on wastepapers
    that leopard watchs himself in it... more »

  • Miracle

    I have not performed a miracle.
    No, I have not step on water.
    No, I have not restored the dead to life.
    No, I have not cut the moon in two halves.... more »

  • Seconds

    Not to be with you
    hasn't any remedy.
    Until you come,
    Seconds... more »

  • Suicide

    On shining sharp hook,
    no fish bait is tempting,
    no earthworm is charming.
    Alone fish in quiet pond... more »

  • Train

    Alone passenger!
    with your small suitcase
    in this abandoned station
    which train are you waiting for... more »

  • Umbrella

    I hear the sound of rain drops,
    on roof,
    on windows.... more »