• Only A Simple Maid!

    And this is the end of it all!
    It rounds the years completeness,
    Though only a walk to the stile
    Through fields a-foam with sweetness.... more »

  • 'Rube' And 'Will': An Episode Related By Aunt Sheba

    He'ah dat ole gray sinna
    H's jes brimful o' gas,
    Singin' dat tomfool ditty
    As he goes hobblin' pas'!... more »

  • The Last Time

    We shall see the daylight breaking,
    Watch the rosy dawn awaking;
    We shall see the twilight fading—
    Adown the path the elms are shading,
    For the last, last time.... more »

  • The Legend Of St. Bevon!

    Shaded lights were burning low—
    Muffled bells swung to and fro—
    Solemn monks were chanting slow—
    Chanting of the Crucified;
    When the good St. Bavon died.... more »

  • The Miller's Romance

    The miller leaned o'er the oaken door,
    Quaint shadows swung on the dusty floor,
    The spider toiled in the dust o'erhead,... more »

  • The Mystic Clock: A New Year's Poem

    'Warden, wind the clock again!
    Mighty years are going on
    Through the shadows, joy and pain,
    And the happy hearted dawn.'... more »