• A Bread And Butter Letter

    THERE is a willow grows beside a pool;
    Its long gray branches sweep the marble rim;
    And from those waters shadowy and cool,
    The stars shine, large and dim.... more »

  • A Creed

    COURAGE to ask of love neither sign nor token,
    Wisdom to wait, silence and faith are better;
    Fear, not alone lest the bond be some day broken,
    But, that love, too desperately dear, become a fetter.... more »

  • A Dialouge

    HE: I am in trouble, give me your advice.
    SHE: No, for I'm sure 'twould not be carried out.
    HE: It shall, I swear it shall, at any price.
    SHE:If that's agreed, what is this all about?... more »

  • A Lady's Choice

    Her old love in tears and silence had been building her a palace
    Ringed by moats and flanked with towers, he had set it on a hill... more »

  • After A Quarrel

    WE have quarreled; ugly things have been said,
    Bitter things, in a tone controlled, well-bred,
    Temperate; we weighed our words, lest the lust
    Of cruelty lose the edge of being just.... more »

  • After A Year

    YES, you have guessed it. Do not blame me, dear.
    Indeed, I did not dream, 0 tender eyes,
    When first we met, that in a little year
    My words would dim you with pain's dumb surprise.... more »

  • An American To France

    O FRANCE, with what a shamed and sorry smile
    We now recall that in a bygone day
    We sought of you art, wit, perfection, style;
    You were to us a playground and a play.... more »

  • An Exhortation To Gentleness

    You who are strong, and do not know the need
    That weaker spirits feel, but do not plead -­
    The need to lean on someone who is strong -
    Oh! see you give their silent want good heed.... more »

  • Batalha

    IN this still cloister where the roses grow
    Waist-high between the arches and the well,
    You would have walked a thousand years ago,
    So faithful, who are now so infidel;... more »

  • Before Spring

    FARE you well, who love the highways,
    Love the cities, tall and bright,
    For the forest ways are my ways,
    And the birds' songs my delight,... more »

  • Brandon

    THE house is empty, and the garden alley,
    A shadowed aisle of linden and of yew,
    A marble vase, a glimpse of river-valley ­
    Translucent white against transparent blue -... more »

  • Easton's Beach

    LAST night I saw a city by the sea,
    Outlined in sparks of fire;
    Those wreathed lamps made all a fantasy -
    Arch, dome and spire.... more »

  • Exile

    At dead of night about the dying fire
    They told a story how the dead appear;
    And men, grown still with fear,
    Forgot their old desire... more »

  • Final Poem

    The consciousness of my mortality
    Which used to blind and limit all my life
    Weighs on me not since I have been your wife.
    Death is the price of our felicity;... more »

  • Forsaking All Others Part 1

    'NOT that you'll like him,' Nell said,
    'No mystery - no romance,
    A fine, stern, eagle-like head,
    But he simply reeks of finance,... more »

  • Forsaking All Others Part 3

    THERE was an instant when he might have said
    He could not see the lady; but instead
    He nodded with a blank, impassive face,
    And waited, never moving from his place... more »

  • Forsaking All Others Part 4

    WAYNE was looking near and far
    After the theatre to find his car.
    He had taken his wife to the play that night;... more »

  • Forsaking All Others Part 5

    TRAINED nurses, trained nurses everywhere­
    Trained nurses by night, trained nurses by day -
    In the corridors, on the stair,
    Looking for towels, carrying a tray;... more »

  • From The German

    ONCE for thy brow a wreath I wished to wind,
    And, seeking long, I could no flowers find.
    Now golden flowers are blooming far and near,
    But, ah! dear love, thou art no longer here.... more »

  • Harbor

    AND will you rest at last, storm-beaten spirit,
    In this poor heart, who would your haven be,
    Will you sink down at last, content to inherit
    The common treaures of tranquillity?... more »

  • House Pets

    THE white cat is sleeping by the fire,
    With her paws tucked under her chin,
    Very tame and gentle she is sleeping
    Whom I saw but now come in,... more »

  • How Like A Woman

    I WANTED you to come to-day­
    Or so I told you in my letter­
    And yet, if you had stayed away,
    I should have liked you so much better.... more »

  • In A School Chapel

    THE clear young voices rise and soar: 'Oh, pray
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they
    Shall prosper that love thee.' Yet each boy's heart
    Harbors the hope that he may have a part... more »

  • Invocation

    NIGHT after night within the grove
    The night wind spares the sacred fire -­
    The breath made visible of love,
    Of worship and desire.... more »

  • Late Comers

    Oft on my way, my daily task pursuing,
    Meet I two fairy figures face to face,
    Beauty and Peace, who smile on me, embuing
    All else I see with something of their grace.... more »