• My Share Of The World

    I am jealous: I am true:
    Sick at heart for love of you,
    O my share of the world!
    I am cold, O, cold as stone
    To all men save you alone.... more »

  • The Betrayal

    When you were weary, roaming the wide world, over,
    I gave my fickle heart to a new lover.
    Now they tell me that you are lying dead:
    O mountains fall on me and hide my head!... more »

  • The Triad Of Things Not Decreed

    HAPPY the stark bare wood on the hill of Bree!
    To its grey branch, green [symbol] the May: song after sigh:
    Laughter of wings where the [symbol] went with a cry
    My sorrow! Song after sigh comes not to me.... more »

  • The Warnings

    I was milking in the meadow when I heard the Banshee Keening:
    Little birds were in the nest, lambs were on the lea,
    Upon the brow o' the Fairy-hill a round gold moon was leaning—
    She parted from the esker as the Banshee keened for me.... more »