• A Sonya Sones Poem

    il pleure dans mon coeur
    comme il pleut sur la ville;
    quelle est cette langueur
    qui pe`ne`tre mon coeur?... more »

  • Alone

    Here I stand alone and proud
    Here I stand with my hands bound
    with a deathly stare a gun sounds
    aimed at me where it has now found... more »

  • Death And Pain

    Death is something we will all face
    sooner or later
    one day.
    But will it happen slowly... more »

  • Free Falling

    Here I am standing
    The wind in my face
    Here I stand
    My hair all over the place... more »

  • Hope, Truth, Faith

    a false dream in this modern world
    for what man knows of it's meaning
    it's true meaning... more »

  • Murder

    Why did you do this to me?
    I'm a broken heart with a torn soul.
    You got your arrow and made me believe that you were there.
    Your just a guy so you should die in hell for what you've done to me... more »

  • Questions?

    What am I?
    Where do I come from?
    Are you my friend?
    Am I in love?... more »

  • Tears Just For You

    you were my best friend Ellen and
    nobody could never find
    Someone better and stronger than you
    and will still stay by your side... more »

  • The Dream At Hanling Creek

    Lying in bed as your imagination closes your eyes,
    Seeing shapes that move

    Twisting, turning... more »

  • Why

    Is this all there is?
    A place with no hope and dreams
    with only that speak of hope that nobody can reach out to
    but then now... more »

  • Yesterday And Today

    Yesterday I was born
    Today I died
    Yesterday a loved
    Today I cried... more »