• "Have Made Earth as the Mirror of Heaven"

    my name is Alice Elizabeth, so am I
    Allie Sheedy of the movie Short Circuits thus angry
    or Elizabeth McGovern self-controlled?
    This question is posited... more »

  • 30th Birthday

    May I never be afraid
    especially of myself... more »

  • Are Loyal

    Okay part of it's
    here. See it,

    I want you to see my brother, dead smiling
    in a red short-sleeved shirt,... more »

  • At Night The States

    I forget them or I wish I was there
    in that one under the... more »

  • Clinical Thermometer Set With Moonstone

    I don't have any sentiments
    would somebodything thirst my quench... more »

  • Congratulating Wedge

    All things belie me, I think, but I
    look at them though. Well boys, at... more »

  • From My Forehead

    He seems to be in front helping me look out
    of my foreheaded self. Listen to me:

    prone night. I was its actual first child... more »

  • from White Phosphorus

    "Flowery mantle." "Homeric sacrifice?" "noise of darkness" "fear of
    darkness" "now mantle of innocence" "King of his death now" "Home"
    "I've come home" "He said, ‘I've come home'" "They were sacrificed for
    nothing, for distant" "instants of thought" "All for your thinking"... more »

  • Gift

    Nothing will hurt you that much despite how you feel
    the stress on your back shapes your insight
    this splendid November rain Toussaint. I find
    you by your marks, he says... more »

  • I Suppose This is All a Lefthand Path

    Detective Hardwood looks like Batman this morning
    pouty cupidy mouth
    and a lot of black sculptural clanking
    the statuary in my mortuary,... more »

  • I the People

    I the people
    to the things that are were &
    come to be.
    We were once what we know
    when we... more »

  • Iconography

    The image wears large round glasses opaque blue
    bigger than her upper face
    I don't know what she means. You image
    He stood there elected. In your eyes — ... more »

  • Individual Time

    I'm calling out from pictures to your vision creating it
    turn right, that dream building cutglass window in door.... more »

  • It Would

    it would be that
    but only if I knew how... more »

  • Jack Would Speak Through the Imperfect Medium of Alice

    So I'm an alcoholic Catholic mother-lover
    yet there is no sweetish nectar no fuzzed-peach
    thing no song sing but in the word
    which I'm starlessly unreachably faithful... more »

  • License

    None of it's there that you cared for, so familiar
    furniture and paintings. The medals aren't there either
    I'm still there but it isn't; I'm here; sword,... more »

  • Logic

    It was a poem
    men took because it said ovary

    didn't take my
    political poems... more »

  • Millions of Us

    Purportedly a chain of civilians, soldiers, voices
    lice they were called. It is sometimes sufficient to beg
    Lice creeping over one, kill them with a chemical;... more »

  • My Sea

    What I lose you let me, accusation
    always gets one in. But I want to talk like the dead
    remember that town where we went or
    how do I know when I'm just a soul — not... more »

  • No World Is Intact

    and no one cares about you.
    I leaned down over... more »

  • Perhaps Not For You

    There is
    there is... more »

  • Poem 1

    St. Mark's Place caught at night in hot summer,
    Lonely from the beginning of time until now.... more »

  • Poem 2

    You hear that heroic big land music?
    Land a one could call one.... more »

  • Poem 3

    Why do I want to tell it
    it was the afternoon of November... more »

  • Requiem for the First Half of Split

    An early sadness for the future
    (as in dreams of myself young and sad)
    accompanies my departure towards
    a conventional story: a town... more »