• A Poem?

    A blank page,
    I jot down words on it,
    And there you go!
    You get something,... more »

  • A Pun

    ... more »

  • Changes

    The world changes,
    Some things don’t
    People change and grow apart
    We knew this,... more »

  • I Loved You

    I loved you,
    I missed you
    You hurt me,
    You dumped me... more »

  • In A Life

    In a life,
    We make mistakes,
    We progress,
    We change a lot,... more »

  • Is This It?

    What is the point of all this?
    Wandering the streets,
    Wondering, what comes next?... more »

  • Just Forget It

    Just forget it,
    Delete it from memory
    And don’t think about it
    It’s not possible... more »

  • Letting All Go

    Letting all go
    Following the flow
    The constant rushing in and out
    Which stops us blowing out... more »

  • Life

    Life is full of many things
    It’s full of ups and downs.
    Different people live different experiences.
    Events happen all the way through life.... more »

  • Live

    Wake up to your pain,
    Stand up to your call,
    Open your eyes, open your soul
    Smile to the world... more »

  • Once Upon A Time

    Once upon a time
    You were here with me
    At that time I was happy
    Life had a meaning... more »

  • Regrets

    We were friends,
    It was great
    We were lovers,
    It was fun... more »

  • Sad And Depressed, I Come

    A cry only heard at night
    It’s headed, left and right
    Don’t know where to go next
    I think I’m caught in the nest... more »

  • Set Free

    Your bounds are breaking
    As your bones are grinding
    Wanting to be set free
    Urging to see... more »

  • Something Else

    At a loss for words,
    No muse pushing my pen;
    When all pain is gone
    And happines is all around... more »

  • Wandering In The Rain

    Just wondering in the rain
    Waiting for the storm
    All is there in my brain
    Waiting to take form... more »

  • Was It Love?

    You thought you loved me,
    You said you loved me,
    You kissed me,
    You touched me.... more »

  • Welcome?

    Welcome, welcome to all
    Who can boast to do this?
    Being honest, no one can.
    Most will refuse to welcome... more »

  • What Is Love?

    Some people say love is easy
    But do they know what love is?
    I do, and it’s dark
    It’s a tunnel... more »

  • What Next?

    What is to happen next?
    When things come to a close
    And new doors open?... more »

  • Writing

    A series of words
    Makes a sentence
    a series of sentences... more »