Alice Wedderburn Biography

I am what I am, a living, breathing soul. Born of two people in love, of opposite sides of the globe, of opposite colour, and of separate years. Mum is from Armadale, Scottish through and through... and God bless, still with me now. Father born in Belize, Honduras a far away land I long to see, his soul is there now. Ive drifted through life.. no goal no aim trusting the Lord to put me where I am meant to be. Giving me the precious life of two beautiful girls.. and blessed me again with two beautiful grand daughters, I am fortunate and rich in love and life, but sad to see such hatred and pain in the world. War, poverty and greedy politicians, I lose myself in my words, longing to find peace and love in this world... longing to return to the arms of our Father and to the bosom of our Mother earth. Freedom come.