• All Alone

    I sit here, looking out my window.
    Nobody to talk to, no one to see.
    Nothing to look at, im in misery.
    Everything is closing in on me, and i can't breath.... more »

  • Best Friends

    I have a best friend, he's so nice to me.
    He makes me laugh, and smile too.
    I love the way, he takes care of me.
    He's always there, when im in need.... more »

  • Dont Feel Bad

    Dont let yourself down, always thinking its your fault.
    Your not the one to be blamed, dont go there.
    I was there before, Im not going anymore.
    It sucked, and it was wrong.... more »

  • I Hate Doing This

    I hate trying to hurt myself, but they dont stop yelling at me.
    They wont stop blaming me, they dont stop accusing me.
    I hate trying to fit in with the family, when I was a mistake.
    I dont like being left out, but thats how im treated.... more »

  • I Love You

    Yes its you.
    The one I want, the one I adore.
    The one I see my future with, and the one I care about so much.
    The one I stay true too, forever and always.... more »

  • Im Sorry

    Im sorry for being so mean to you.
    Im sorry for calling you names.
    I lost my temper, and I know it was wrong.
    And im begging for you to forgive me.... more »

  • Little Jackie

    Little Jackie, he is always happy.
    The boy, he is so smart.
    Jackie, he is my friend.
    Jackie, he is nice.... more »

  • Pictures

    The pictures of you, the pictures of me.
    They all remind me what we had together,
    what we shared.
    It was like no other couple, no other person.... more »

  • Sarah Merrigan

    Sarah Merrigan is my best friend.
    She's nice but mean at all times.
    She's pretty but evil, oh my oh my.
    Sarah is truly a friend of mine.... more »

  • Tonight

    Tonight, I want to say goodbye.
    Tonight, Im going to cry.
    On this night, Im going pray to god.
    I will not let anything stop me, from doing what I think is right.... more »