• A Soldier's Farewell

    I thought it wouldn't be this hard
    So hard to say goodbye
    I never thought I'd be this numb
    I never thought I'd cry... more »

  • Holding On

    Four years ago was when I saw him last
    He walked away and left my heart breaking
    Now I need to let go and face the past
    For then my heart will stop with the aching... more »

  • I Am From...

    I am from two house...
    two places forced to call my own
    I am from empty silent rooms
    and rooms of life and love... more »

  • One More Day

    If I had one more day
    One more day before we part
    I would say everything that is anything
    and everything that's in my heart... more »

  • The Lie Game

    i thought we were friends
    i thought it was ok
    but then you came and lied to me
    and made it go away.... more »

  • This Is Life

    Life is having people there, people who love you and really care
    but what happens when they leave your side
    and you want to run but there's nowhere to hide... more »

  • Trapped

    I'm trapped in a world, where I don't know who I am
    I'm locked in this place that I just can't understand
    I'm boxed in a room where my fears are around
    And I feel as if the walls might never come down... more »