Heyy! ALicia here...I'm really kind of new to the whole poem writing thing but I really do love it...among other things! Dancing, writing and singing are my favorite things to do...although most are done behind the closed door of my room...haha. Well anyway, I hope you all enjoy my poems and please be honest about what you think about them. I can't wait to read your comments..Bye!
<3 me...xxoo


Alicia H.. Poems

This Is Life

Life is having people there, people who love you and really care
but what happens when they leave your side
and you want to run but there's nowhere to hide... more »

Holding On

Four years ago was when I saw him last
He walked away and left my heart breaking
Now I need to let go and face the past
For then my heart will stop with the aching... more »

A Soldier's Farewell

I thought it wouldn't be this hard
So hard to say goodbye
I never thought I'd be this numb
I never thought I'd cry... more »

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