• Addiction

    I’ve paced the room forty times over
    Clenched my fists till my palms have bled
    But no matter what I do
    You are still here in my mind... more »

  • Air To Breath

    There is a confusion
    that emanates
    from those times
    where morals and emotions... more »

  • Anthem For Doomed Youth

    We the youth, have an impending doom
    the audacity they have, to think
    we are able to grow up so soon
    without even having time to blink... more »

  • Black Box

    My little black box that holds my life
    a small object inside
    no bigger than my fingernail
    it knows all of my secrets... more »

  • Depths Of My Heart

    Drowning and drowning in a sea of sorrow
    grasping for breath i cant wait for
    tommorow to come
    plummeting downward... more »

  • For The Future

    The first day I saw
    you in her arms
    so happy I was to see the
    smiles on your faces... more »

  • Forever Perfect

    Even after
    time has passed
    it is hard
    to believe... more »

  • Greenwood

    cages upon cages
    white walled rooms
    no communication
    blackened hearts of punches thrown... more »

  • How We Do It

    We weave webs
    of tangled sorrows
    diminished dreams
    hopeless loves... more »

  • I Am

    I am no one and everyone
    I wonder where the road will lead
    I hear the voices of my desires
    I see the faces of my fears... more »

  • Love Of Mine

    Your love is evident
    ever so clear
    holding me close
    the physical distance... more »

  • Nesting

    A beautiful bird
    With bright plumes
    Sits in an empty nest
    Hiding behind the branches... more »

  • Realization

    Thoughts entwine themselves
    to weave a landscape
    of true love
    my deepest loves... more »

  • Sisters

    We've gone through so much in our time
    No one can destroy the bonds we've made
    We helped each other up from the dust
    and brushed off each others knees... more »

  • Thats The Past

    There you stand
    Right in front of me
    With your arms open
    Just enough to let me squeeze in... more »

  • The Boy

    Flowing passes
    of sage covered greens
    a mosaic of lives foretold
    into the heart of one certain Lady... more »

  • The Dance

    We exchange no words
    shed no glances
    we only know
    the music starts... more »

  • The Distance Of Satisfaction

    There are the hands that touch mine
    and the ones I long to touch

    There are the kisses that brush my lips... more »

  • The Perfect Bond

    You're irresistible
    and I know you love that

    You mean nothing to me... more »

  • The Tunnel

    Open the door to a blinding light of darkness
    and cover your eyes to the light of possibility
    seek not your personal desires
    just let the darkness grab hold and take you... more »

  • Tommorow

    She wakes up everyday looking for something
    deep down she'll never find
    She sees his eyes in one
    his child in another... more »

  • Waiting

    It's stupid to wait for you to come back
    you're love has long since unraveled
    lost in a hole
    that has been sewed up... more »

  • Yet To Be Fixed

    In that very hour
    my world ended

    The walls came crashing down... more »