• *admittance*

    I was thanked for my honesty today
    A noble deed.
    The truth unfolded
    A validation of an honest woman... more »

  • *cry Wolf*

    I need you to know
    That I’m not all talk anymore
    I’ve stopped crying wolf
    I’m waking out that door... more »

  • *dear God*

    Dear God,

    I know that we have talked once before
    I, in a fit of rage or in some sort of heated passion... more »

  • *decomposition*

    It's only my body
    It's not who I am

    But if I were to fall... more »

  • *drawing Lines*

    Please don’t let me cry when I am with you
    Please don’t let me die until I’m with you
    Please don’t let this be the end of everything I know
    God help me find my way to you to get me through... more »

  • *end Of These Pink Pills*

    It was hard daddy
    Getting off of these pills
    I took it out on the cat
    He’s hiding under the bed... more »

  • *fortunate One*

    They say that I am a fortunate one
    The fortunate daughter of a poor mans son
    That dwells in the city of angels unseen
    Living in luxuries you’d never believe... more »

  • *funeral Song*

    You told me the song to play at your funeral
    As if I can think that far ahead
    I haven't even held your hand
    or kissed your face... more »

  • *hand Dead In Mine*

    When I held your hand
    You fell limp when I squeezed
    No response to my warmth
    No response to my need... more »

  • *natural Causes*

    I awoke last night
    To the sound of crickets
    And birds, which was strange
    The kitchen faucet was dripping... more »

  • *rock Bottom*

    I will have to hit the bottom
    So I can push off and swim to the top
    I will have to let myself fall so far
    To see where I really stand with you... more »

  • *rules*

    There are rules
    That we need to follow
    Left follows right
    Day follows night... more »

  • *stillness That Awaits*

    If it's the money that your worried about
    Well you know it comes easy

    And if it's the whispers behind your back ... more »

  • *temptation*

    Temptation I see you 
    Standing there in front of me
    Head cocked
    Hips turned... more »

  • *the Long Haul*

    Wash me clean of the past eight years
    Wash me clean of all these tears
    The regrets - pain - loneliness and fears
    Smash my fist against this mirror... more »

  • *trying*

    I’m trying to cry but the tears don’t come
    I hear the gunshot - the race started - but my legs won’t run
    I’m trying to lie but can’t find the words
    I’m trying to see but my vision is blurred... more »

  • *where Do I Start*

    Why do you call me…when you know I can only cry.
    Why try to explain when all you can really do is try
    How can you believe in those things you say
    like everything will be okay... more »

  • *where I'Ve Been*

    Where have I been
    These years have faded
    Slightly scarred and still tormented
    With the thought... more »

  • *you Stood Above His Body*

    You stood above his body
    And made a promise then
    To him
    To me... more »