• A Friend

    A Boy Perfect In Every Way..
    A Friend True To Each And Every Day..
    A Shoulder To Cry..
    He’s A Unique and more than Special Guy..... more »

  • A Life Without A World Of Colour

    A Life Without a world of Colour..
    Would Be A Very Dull place..
    Not Being able to depict or define..
    All those in our human race.... more »

  • Branch

    Extend A Branch..
    Hold Out A Hand..
    Open Your Heart..
    Strand By Strand..... more »

  • I See A Little Girl

    I See A Little Girl Sat In Her Room..
    Her Little Mind Doesn't No What To Think..
    Does She Sit Quietly And Begin to Stare
    Or Does She Walk To The Window Cry And Blink..... more »

  • That Indescribable Feeling

    Have You Ever Felt That Indescribable
    Like An Orange Without The Roughness Of The Pealing
    Like A Crusty Scab That Doesn’t Seem To Be Healing
    Like A Poker Game, Without The Gambling And Dealing... more »

  • The Apple Core And Me

    I found an apple core in a barley field one cold day..
    As I picked it up I wondered..
    This isn’t an apple cores natural way..
    As I held it I dreamed who might have had that last bite..... more »

  • What Happened? ..

    All the changing talk,
    but where was the action..
    When was I ever going to get,
    that mind blowing reaction..... more »

  • Window Of Dreams

    One Day I Opened A Window Of Dreams..
    Smashed By Something Which Was Not What It Seems..
    Something In The Form Of A Boy..
    Ruined My Life..Played With It Like It Was Just A Toy..... more »