Alim Lamont Poems

The Man At The Finish Line

He who bears his pain with a smile,
Who's feats to some can only be described with an opened mouth expression of awe,
Who shakes their fist with open hands and a smile,
Vanquisher of a frown,... more »

While I Die

We live and we die, but,
If everyone will eventually die then isn't the meaning of life,
We live to inevitably die, one does not come without the other, it's our destiny, but,... more »

Alim Lamont Quotes

No matter how rich you are you can never buy more time so don't waste your time chasing money instead spend your time doing what ever keeps you at peace with yourself, because time is a currency that only depletes.
Unusual fellow
Pain is like the truth you don't want it but without it you'll die
Unusual fellow
True strength doesn't come from what i can do, it's more like what I choose not to do and the fact that I don't do it
Unusual fellow

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