• (god) Part 3 A Beautiful Awakening

    i woke up
    my body was cold
    i climbed off the bed
    i tried not to fall... more »

  • (god) Part 1 Questions With No Answers

    are you really there
    if you are
    do you really care
    if you do... more »

  • (god) Part 2 The Blood

    i had a dream last night
    i was tortured by a clown
    and avidly pissing blood
    i went down a slide... more »

  • A Beautiful Soul

    a tasty shade of milk chocolate
    a beautiful soul
    a thousand ways i could show
    how much i love you... more »

  • A Letter From Sorrow

    inside i am ugly
    nothing but darkness within
    no beauty to behold
    only sorrow to be shamefully told... more »

  • Any Other Day

    im standing on a cliff
    with a needle in my arm
    i stare at the clouds while
    the voices whisper around me... more »

  • Dark Light

    ... more »

  • Didnt I Promise?

    i promised
    i would no longer cut myself... more »

  • Dopamine

    is there a meaning for our acquaintance?
    something hidden in the chaos of life,
    still and silent the wind whispers our fate,
    the mind is a sanctum for my tainted heartbeat,... more »

  • Dreams Take Form

    i pick my brain for words i feel
    a generation not afraid to speak
    i pull out rhymes and emotions to bleed
    and in time they become my dreams... more »

  • Evil Is Sadie

    it runs in my veins
    its stamped on my brain
    i cant get close to anyone
    i just hurt everyone... more »

  • Fear

    Your religion based on fear
    What are you waiting for,
    Hes not real, Hes not coming back
    WE ARE ALL ALONE... more »

  • Grrrrrrrrrrrr

    i woke up this morning
    i went to school... more »

  • Handprints

    I see the world in my own array of colors
    I paint my story every time I bleed
    I leave a handprint where I used to be
    i live my life... more »

  • I Cant Name It

    poetic release,
    how else do i let go of certain things
    ive loved,
    i hate,... more »

  • I Remember

    i remember you
    your beautiful eyes
    your soft lips
    i believe it was a dream... more »

  • Ill Be O.K

    ill be o.k
    im used to the pain
    life is like a bitter pill
    it can be used to help or... more »

  • Is This Make Believe

    Is this just make believe
    A simple cut
    It doesn’t bleed
    It darkens the sky and reddens the sea... more »

  • Last Thought

    i have lived
    i will die
    this is my place to say goodbye
    if only if only... more »

  • Love

    what is love,
    what keeps it alive,
    where does it begin,
    and why does it start... more »

  • Love And A Razorblade

    i made love to a rusty blade
    more of a friend without a name
    the blade cut mary jane and coke
    but mostly my veins... more »

  • Man Made Delusions

    restrain my hate
    fulfill my dreams
    live a life that god made for me,
    if there is one... more »

  • Mascara

    i bleed not blood but mascara
    it seeps through my veins
    i believe in magic
    i believe theres nothing here for me... more »

  • Memories

    i search through the scrapbooks of memories
    i sing the sorrow thats within me
    i dream the dream of the weak
    i see your face in the clouds... more »

  • My Dear Miscarriage

    you came uninvited
    you broke into me
    and stole my soon to be new baby
    you broke my heart... more »