• My First Bubble Bath

    the bubbles are tickling every curve
    theyre absorbing into places uninvited
    hoping the silver jewelry i grace wont rust
    i play with the effervescent rainbows... more »

  • My Privacy

    if i were concerned with my privacy
    i would not put it here for everyone to see
    there is a reason,
    always a lesson to learn... more »

  • Poetry

    Timeless... more »

  • Psychologists From Hell

    numb to the expressions of the outside world
    for years of exile
    in my lonely dark room
    i wait collecting tears... more »

  • Restrained Ignorance

    Everyone suffering
    All of us
    This written in tears
    They say: no hope, my dear... more »

  • Sedated Dreams

    if you can catch bubbles on your tongue,
    can you also breathe pure air into your lungs?
    do you believe in fairy tales?
    do you believe that love prevails?... more »

  • Shadow Of Death

    i walk the valley of the shadow of death
    i breathe aerosol needles
    i feed on the blood of the willing
    i break bread with the gods... more »

  • Sub Rosa

    under the rose and in my heart
    something i didnt know could exist
    but thats ok because this has been proven to my brain
    ~SILENCE~... more »

  • Tell Me Your Secrets

    let me find an excuse embedded in your pale white flesh
    let me taste the innocence of your crimson lips
    let me glimpse into your soul through your stained glass eyes
    let me find nourishment in your salty tears... more »

  • The Five Expressions

    my eyes throw razors
    they cut conversations
    my ears hear whispers
    they ignore my roommate... more »

  • The Guinea Pig

    The guinea pig doesn’t run as fast as it used to, in fact I'm not sure if it’s even there at all anymore. Maybe it wasn’t ever there, who knows, who cares.
    Anyways there’s bigger things at hand than just the guinea pig.... more »

  • The Human Stain

    the life of pain
    im a human stain
    lonely and waiting
    the stain becomes bigger... more »

  • The Tree Of Death

    what happens when the tree of life becomes the tree of death,
    because we will forever be in its debt
    a life deferred
    a child very disturbed... more »

  • The Window

    i stared out the window so many days looking at you
    looking out the window wondering when i would meet you... more »

  • Trees And Dirt

    Trees and dirt
    I'm just like them I'm the scum of the earth
    Chants and spells
    For the well-being and revenge on which we dwell,... more »

  • Wake Up

    If I wake up then there is a god
    If I don’t,
    Life goes on
    And ive proved my point,... more »

  • We Bleed For Love

    We bleed
    As we close our eyes
    This is our life
    We live to die... more »

  • You Will Bleed

    I am cold inside from all the lies
    I loved you so but you stepped on my heart
    You watched me die you let it happen
    Now I'm cold inside... more »