AC Alison Cassidy 6th August,1945

The urge to create is universal. As a yoga teacher, I have been tapping into this universal source for more than twenty years and as an actor, since the tender age of five.

In May 2006 I wrote my first poem, inspired, I suppose, by the same spirit that has driven my yoga and creative dance classes for so many years. Experience is slowly teaching me about the technique of writing poetry and giving me the confidence to experiment with different forms, but the initial creative springboard has never changed and continues to fill me with awe.

I feel humbled when I read comments on my work and excited when I am able to offer the occasional insightful one on other people's. I am far less judgmental than when I first joined the site.

My favourite poet is still William Shakespeare and I continue to visit my beloved Jerry Hughes' words when I need a refreshing clarity of vision and absence of bullshit.

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Discusting poem about such a clever lady, how dare you mention her religion like that, you wouldn't say that if she was catholic, you should be ashamed of yourself
As many of your poems as I have read, I have but three never dissapoint.